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[Y500] Wi-Fi card, UltraBay items build quality and mSata card

2014-01-02, 11:57 AM

I just hang up on a call with the (Dutch) support from Lenovo.

I ask the person if the Y500 has an whitelist for its wireless cards and he said "no"! Then I asked him why I see the message "Unauthorized Wireless network card is plugged in. Power off and remove it" on screen with a new Intel card in the machine. Even after that he still said there is no whitelist or at least known to him.

This is the same answer I got a few months ago... Support on these type of machines is so bad that they won’t even figure out why there is a whitelist in the first place and they keep saying there isn't any whitelist even when I prove him wrong!

The problem is that Lenovo is to greedy to place at least a 5GHz Wi-Fi card in this machine. I want to replace it with a newer one with AC support (Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260). I did the same with an ASUS notebook and it works like a charm, no whitelist at all!

The conclusion was the I schould buy and try another card to throw away another €25,-. The person from the support told me that was the only option...


Another problem is that both the CD/DVD/BD player and the video card have a broken/loose front bezel since they are extremely hard to get out of the system without much force. Most of the times I need a coin or a flat head screwdriver!

When I send both of them for repair, chances are it's not under warranty and I have to pay €50,- (per unit, so €100,- in total) when I want them back, unrepaired!!!
In conclusion, I have to pay for the lack of build quality, again...


lastly I have problems with my mSata card. I run Windows 8.1 and without the card the system runs quite well but with the card the system constantly freezes and last time, before I pulled it out, the system freezes right after login.
The same problem occurs with the OEM installation, as well as a clean installation.
The mSata is a SanDisk 16GB 45N8330.

The Y500 is seriously the worst notebook I ever had, mostly thanks to the (Dutch) support.
I'm allergic to whitelists but I have my own blacklist of PC manufacturers... Lenovo is now one of them...

So... if anyone knows a solution (other than buy a new notebook, for instance from a brand like ASUS) for the Wi-Fi card to support 5GHz/AC and the mSata to finally work, I like to know.



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