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Blue Screen Again
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Y500 ideapad wifi stops working and cannot reconnect

I recently bought a y500. Often when I use the laptop wifi connection becomes "limited access" by itself and when disconnect then try to connect again, it doesn't work. The wifi popup won't even appear. The same happens whe n I just disconnect the wifi and reconnect again even when it doesn't turn into "limited".


Everytime this happens I have to restart the machine, which is very inconvenient and even worse it won't restart properly because it gives me a blue screen which says "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE". By this point I realised it's a driver problem. I went to atheros website and installed the latest WLAN driver for my computer. This makes the blue screen to appear less often (sometimes still happens for the same reason). And the reconnnection problem still persists like before.



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Re: Y500 ideapad wifi stops working and cannot reconnect

Did not have any WLAN issues with my Y500 before. Try doing a one key recovery and see that helps.

Also did you notice this when on Batt with AC or on Batt only?

*Non Lenovo employee*

I have a Y530 ... Feel free to highlight any post which you have posted on the forum to me if no one have chimed in.
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Re: Y500 ideapad wifi stops working and cannot reconnect



I had the same problem but not as serious as yours.  All I had to do was reset the connection but it would drop again after a few minutes.  I spent 5 hours waiting on phone or talking to people who didn't know how to help me at Lenovo support.  Finally Elle who was the last person I talked to told me it was because my U-verse gateway was not compatible with Windows 8 and if I wanted help fixing it she would have to charge me $180.00 for premium service.  I was shocked and told Elle I just purchased the laptop 2 days ago, My U-verse router was industry standard made by 2 wire and she should be ashamed to suggest I would have to pay to solve my problem.  I contacted AT&T who provides U-verse and he confirmed that the U-verse gateway was not the problem.  He also suggested I try another wireless security since I was using the older WEP encryption security.  I changed my security to WPA2 and the wireless problem was solved.  Previously I had updated drivers but the problem remained.  My wireless adapter is Centrino 2230 and is now working flawlessly.  In case Lenovo wants to improve their service my reference number for my calls was 8000916521.  I have owned 3 Thinkpad computers by IBM and Lenovo, and this is my first Ideapad.  The customer support is VERY different than I have received from Thinkpad in the past.  Otherwise I love my new computer except for the lousy Metro UI that comes with Windows 8,  but I found a work around for that too called Start8.  It makes Windows 8 work like Windows 7.  Good Luck!  Smiley Happy

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