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Y500 not quite correct screen resolution

Hi - I have what I think is a bit of a unique issue, really hoping someone can help.


I have an IdeaPad Y500 with an NVIDIA GEForce GT 650M.


It's seemed for a long time since I did a fresh load of both WIn8 and Win8.1 that compared to some previous OS loads with the laptop (unsure exactly when, or what was loaded), that my screen resolution isn't as good. It almost seems that some time ago, I had better screen resolution and had smaller, crisper icons, dialog boxes, and other things on the "tighter" resolution that I haven't seen no in quite some time. Upon suspicion of this, I took to some various tests:


I wiped the partitions and loaded my fresh copy of Windows 8.1 that I purchased, and tried two main things:

  • I let Windows auto install the graphics driver on it's own. It takes fine, and gves me the fner/crisper screen resolution (listed as 1920x1080). Once I reboot however, it changes. Still listed as 1920x1080 , but clearly the resolution is not as fine and crisp as before the reboot. For reference the driver listed is NVIDIA
  • I did another fresh WIn8.1 install, and this time used the latest driver from NVIDIA (GEForce 335.23). And it was the exact same result as above.

I also tried restoring the OEM image that came with the laoptop, and noticed its resolution was similar to the "undesireable" resolution that existed in the above scenarios after the reboot.


Note that in both the "before and after" the resolution is still 1920x1080 and all other display settings that I can see are the same.


Has anyone else seen this? How do I keep the screen resoltuion that I get when I install the NVIDIA driver for the first time before the reboot?


I've included some before and after photos of the initial install of driver, and after the reboot ("good' is the better, smaller, crisper resolution, "bad" is the post reboot worse resolution). Hopefully thiese links come out:


Link to image 1


Link to image 2


Link to image 3


Link to image 4


I also noticed when checking that my resolution both good (before) and bad (after) shows 1536 x 864! I don't understand this if windows says it's 1920 x 1080.


Thanks in aadvance for any help!!!


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Re: Y500 not quite correct screen resolution

This seems like the same problem I had, I haven't had a chance to fully test it though. I had noticed my resolution was off since I've had the thing, because originally when I set it to 1080 it would flash 1080 with smaller icons etc and then flash and everything would look a bit bigger. So I wasn't sure what was up. First time I noticed it start was after 8.1 installed. Anyways all of my games would read it as 1080 but it still didn't seem like it to me. When a new patch came out for a game I was playing I noticed when they added customization for the HUD that the HUD asked me if it wanted to display it in the  1536 x 864 you mentioned so that it would fit on the screen. At this point I started doing some research and found this problem about an ASUS laptop. The suggested fix was honestly simple. It's just a display setting near the resolution options to change the size of your icons/boxes/bars etc. Somehow this was supposedly causing programs and such to read it as the wrong resolution, and my background and everything look much more crisp than before. Not 100% if this is the problem you are referring to, but I've never really seen that resolution displayed anywhere but in what you mentioned. So I figured it might be. Anyways hope this helps and I wasn't too late getting a response in to this.

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