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Y500 repair issue

Today I writing about a repair issue concerning my Lenovo Y500 IdeaPad I bought January 27th, 2013. I chose the Y500 based on it's specifications and because of Lenovo's reputation for quality and service. Since purchase I have been through the Lenovo Troubleshooting process (four separate calls) for WiFi and Touchpad issues. I have reinstalled drivers, run in safe-mode and reset the computer to the factory defaults using One-Key recovery. As you can imagine this has all been very time consuming. Today Erika, a Lenovo Support Specialist, informed me that she was going to initiate a “depot repair”. She told me Lenovo wanted me to send my computer in for a hardware repair. Unfortunately for me, this is not a very good option.


I am a Graduate Student and I depend on my laptop. I cannot afford to lose my primary work computer while it undergoes repair. Right now, my life revolves around having a computer that works. I know Lenovo offers on-site repair, I asked about the service and was told that my brand-new, $1200 laptop did not qualify. Honestly, if I was still in the return window I would return it and get something at Best Buy. Unfortunately again, if I knew back when I initiated the support process that I would have to give up my computer for a few weeks, I would have returned it then. Hopefully, those are the only issues the computer will have; I hope I didn't get a "lemon".

Can you please help me?

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Re: Y500 repair issue

Good day and welcome to the community.


Can you provide us with specific details about the issues you're having with WiFi and the touchpad? It will help other members and community advocates to try to help you.



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I am not a Lenovo employee.

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Re: Y500 repair issue

I'm also a grad student. I can't believe you have to return it to Hong Kong to have it repaired. I'm cancelling my order on Monday. The Y500 has WAY TOO MANY issues for me not to think "it won't happen to me". Costco sells the 16GB Ram model with 16GB SSD for $1,099 with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY. So, for the first 90 days, if anything goes wrong, you can return it the same day and order a new one which will be shipped to you in 3 days. After 90-days we'll be stuck dealing with 3-4 weeks of shipping problems through Lenovo, Hong Kong. I might just buy a MacBook Pro because I live by an Apple store nearby... THANKS FOR POSTING! You've saved me a LOT OF HEARTACHE!

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