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Re: Y500 shutting down randomly

I believe the present problem is not the same as previously stated. The orignal problem is random shutting down. The present one is shutting down when waking from sleep or possible from hibernatrion. Perhaps you can try accessing threads regarding hibernatrion/sleep problem.

What's DOS?
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Re: Y500 shutting down randomly

So after reading several threads on this subject and finding them all to be COMPLETELY useless and doing trial and error while my computer randomly shutoff every 5 minutes while trying to come up with a solution, I eventually found it. 


TIP #1: don't follow any of the links someone posts for you. Especially when dealing with drivers.


TIP #2: don't believe Windows when it says your drivers are up to date. 


For some reason Lenovo made our computers completely dependent on their energy management system. Making sure this is up to date is the first step. First, download the current software from the support section of this website. Then, uninstall your current version. Immediately install the new one. Finally, double check on your device manager that it updated correctly. If you see it throwing an error for a Microsoft APCI device then it didn't update correctly and try again.


Next is to update your Nvidia driver. Don't believe Windows when it says this driver is up to date if you do through Device Manager. Mine was 3 versions behind and it was telling me it was up to date. Go to nvidia's website and it will auto detect your hardware and driver software and give you a current versions. It will also download a program that will optimize the graphics settings in all your installed video games.


After a reboot your should be good to go. I went from randomly shutting off every 5 miuntes to having totally stable operation in about 10 minutes. The above information I found literally no where. So, hopeuflly my frustration can be your guide.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y500 shutting down randomly

Thanks jlowsho for your post!! This was the only thing that worked. The thing is that after a Windows Update it started shutting down again.


Can Lenovo provide a solution for this issue? I just can't believe that a computer is shutting down for a software issue and they are not providing any solution. Please, give all of us a response. 




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Re: Y500 shutting down randomly

Disable driver updating through windows update. 

I am a volunteer in this forum and also a lenovo user. If i helped you, click on the kudos button!

Paper Tape
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Re: Y500 shutting down randomly

Thanks 1gamatotigraki! Please, let me know how I disable the Driver Windows Update. Though, my computer is now shutting down every 5 minutes, I can not longer use it. Any help is very much appreciated since we need to work with our computers and can not really go and buy another one. 


This issue is a big surprise for me and the worst experience a customer can have with an International Brand like Lenovo. A new computer shutting down and no reply at all from the company is frustrating and unbearable. 


Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!! 



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