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What's DOS?
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Y500 turning off randomly daily - CPU temp seems normal

I'm having the hardest time figuring out what's going on. I've built many computers the past few years so I can usually figure out issues like this but I'm stumped.


First, let me mention that 99% of the time, this only happens when I take the laptop to work in the morning. That makes absolutely NO sense to me. I've tried my hardest to make it happen while I'm at home but it's probably only happened once the past few months. I use 3 pieces of software when I'm at work: Excel 2007, Photoshop CS6, and a shipping program called Endicia Professional.


What happens is as I'm working, the computer freezes for a couple seconds, the fan on the left side speeds up for a few seconds, and then the laptop just shuts off. What I've noticed is that it happens almost every time immediately after I remove the charger from the laptop. However, it does still happen with it plugged in but definitely not as much. If I turn it back on instantly, it happens again within 1 minute. If I give it a few minutes of rest, it lasts a bit longer for the most part but definitely still happens again eventually. I never notice the laptop getting hot. I've looked at the CPU temperature using different pieces of software, and it does spike up to around 60 C occasionally and only when printing with the shipping software. It usually stays at around 45-50 C when it doesn't spike.


At home, I can use the laptop with or without the charger plugged in with no issues.


I'd appreciate any help I can get. This has become extremely frustrating, as I use this laptop primarily for work.


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