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Y5070 USB 3 ports dead - what does Lenovo Scan fail code mean?

Howdy all--  The two USB 3 ports on the left side (when facing) have died. On one, the tab that guides in the plug has been pushed in. The other is fine and was working until a few days ago. I got a power surge warning and the working port failed. As in the past, I deleted drivers blah blah blah but this time with no result. The port supplies power, but no data connection.


Lenovo Hardware scan reported...

TEST_MOTHERBOARD_USB_TEST:::2.1.4:::u:::1 had failed. Result Code: WMB0000F00008-HO0W7L


Can anybody translate that?

(Yeah yeah, wise guys, I know what yer thinking: it translates to "you're **** outta luck." Serious answers, plz!)



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