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Y5070 graphics issue - how prevalent?

I am a new owner of a Y5070, which has been sent for diagnostics under Lenovo's warranty within 48 hours of receipt because of a subtle problem with the graphics set up.
The first sign that something is wrong is that some Windows 8.1 windows (for example Device Manager) appear at much lower resolution than VGA - nevermind the claimed 4k UHD resolution. The screen simply looks like it is running very basic graphics.
The second sign is that the Nvidia Control Panel only offer 3d options. Meanwhile, if you go to the Nvidia website and look at the user manual ( you will notice that additional settings are available.
The third sign that something is not right is that running MS Flight Simulator X under the alternate Intel 4600 HD chipset (with Nvidia driver disabled) is smoother than with the Nvidia driver enabled.
The final sign that something is not right relates to the following test, which I would kindly ask you to perform if you have the Y5070 and provide feedback:
- go to device manager and open "display"
- disable all other display drivers except for the Nvidia card
- right-click on desktop and run Nvidia Control Panel
Do you get the "You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU" message?
My purpose is to pre-empt the laptop returning from repair and the service center trying to convice me that this is the way the laptop is supposed to operate.
Many thanks in advance.
Please note I am not the only one with the problem. Please see below:
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y5070 graphics issue - how prevalent?

I have had my Y5070 for about a week. I noticed the same problem when it comes out of hybernate or restart. The only way to make sure it uses the right adapter is to install the nvidia drivers, do not restart, then run your application. It seems that some kind of service is only active the instant you install the nvidia drivers and then deactivates whenever the laptop is switched off or hybernates. Would be nice if there were a fix somewhere. very frustrating. Note: I run my laptop through HDMI on a 24 inch monitor, single display. Laptop stays closed.

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