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Y510 Chasey broken

I got this laptop from South Africa about 8 months ago and the other day as I was opening the lid I heard a cracking noise and the whole seam had split open on the right hand side beside the volume control.


Today i took it into the shop and the engineer told me that the chasey had broken off and was twisting everytime the lid was opened. He told me that it would only last about 2 weeks before it becomes completely wrecked and that it can't be repaired, not by any computer repair shop anyway. So now I'm going to have to keep the lid open to avoid too much more damage being done.


The problem I have is that the warrenty ran out literally a few days ago under the manufactorers date. As it was bought in South Africa I'm going to have some problems providing an invoice or reciept date which would keep the laptop within the warrenty period. 


Can anyone help me out here. If I can provide the reciept or prove when it was bought will I be able to send it back under the warrenty for repairs or replacement? Also will the warrenty be void as it was bought in South Africa? On top of that the P key is missing as i had to remove it when something got jammed under it and i couldnt get it back on, will they most likely put that down to abuse and refuse to repair/replace the laptop?


If there is no hope can anyone suggest further action? As it is a very nice laptop, I don't want to lose it and I can't afford to buy a new one.


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Re: Y510 Chasey broken



Can you send me a private message with your contact information - name, address, and a phone?  I'll also need the serial number of your unit - you can get this out of the BIOS or off the bottom of the unit - should start with ABUxxxxxxxx


I'll try to help you get this sorted out - likely you will still need to send this off to a repair center to get it resolved properly.


I apologize for the trouble.


Best regards,



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