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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

hello  everybody!


also, same hinge problem...did nothing to it, but in a second, it was broken...


so, the thing is, i bought the y510 in NY, US, but im now currently living in Argentina. The service support here doesnt recongnize the warranty...but even more, they say can't repair it and charge me for it, cause this product hasn't been sold in our country they don't have the spare parts...


i really can't believe this...does anybody know a solution? i thought they would at list send it back to the US, and bring it back as new...but nothing, they brought me no solution....


if anybody knows a solution, please let me know. thanku!



Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

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Orleando: That sounds like the way to go. However, your pic's kind of suck. I would be vary happy if you could write a nice howto and/or take some close up pic's of what you did. I am a smart guy so just tel me a little bit more pleas.



I would like to vent my anger on this thread as well. I have only had this laptop for 13months. Just long enugh so I am not under warranty. 


This is tottal bull. Lenovo should put out a recall on this laptop Y510. I will tell everyone I can not to ever by Lenovo. I would never buy Lenovo agin exept the only laptop I trust (Now) is Thinkpad. They seem to still be good laptops. But, dose IBM still make the Thinkpad still. If you call tec suport they send you over to IBM if you have a Thinkpad?

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Arg nope Lenovo manufactures the Thinkpad now so said Wikipedia....


I am thinking now I will not buy one. Just to stick it to Lenovo. Let the laptop serch begin.


Anyone ever had an MSI laptop?

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

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Smiley Happy Nice I thought I am the only one in the world with this kind of warranty problem. Lenovo notebooks is not bad but this part of it (a hinge) is made by the really stupid ones, they didn't think at all how it gona be after the while of using it. And really lenovo should take back all of them (Y510) to loosen the hinges because ALLof Y510 sooner or laterare gonna brake. And it would be mach cheaper for lenovo just to loosen the hinges instead of changing whole case (mine lower and upper covers were broken in screw places) and there are a lot of work to do this.


About fixing it i didnt prepared lots of photos howto make everything i just give few tips and say what i did. after opening it i saw that all screw places were broken and decided to change four screws (two in one side) and make them through whole bottom case (as you can see in photos where are nails i drilled through the bottom case and put mine screws). For glueing used Epoxy permanent glue, made some kind of barriers with plasticine (or also called madelling clay) (if u wont make them and epoxy spreads you then cant close cases well). I dont know what more to say basicly you have to open it and then to think what to do. For me it took 3 days to fix it: first day i opened it second i thought how to fix it and on the third i fixed.


If there are any question you can ask me.

More photos:


P.S. And i almost fotgot the main thing is to loosen the hinges that tehy could rotate easily even without any oil.

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

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Ok, Thank you for your help. That is all I needed.


I just called Lenovo and they said my laptop is out of warranty (13 months old). He also said that Lenovo will not even think about fixing your laptop if it is out of warranty. He also said that if your warranty is more then 30 days out of warranty you can not even buy extended warranty. 


However, he said his boss would let him sell me extended warranty anyway. I didn't have the $120 to pay for an extra year so I will have to call back tomarow and "Hope" the boss at that time will go for it. Or, just keep calling every day untill I get a boss that will.


I am extremely mad about Lenovo's support.

I have a thread on the that gets a high number of hits a day with a total view cout now at "23,151". If you google "lenovo Y510 linux" or " lenovo Y510 ubuntu" or anything like that my thread is on the first page. On the first page of that thread and in the fist entry I put in big red letters explaining Lenovo's extremely bad support and sugjested that no one ever buy Lenovo. I also sugjested that anyone with a Y510 sell it now wile it still works. 

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Serial Port
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Hey guys,


Just an update:


my hinge still functions without problems, and i am still sticking with lenovo i think its the best laptop ive ever bought i haven changed my mind after the hinge problem, maybe cuz it was on warranty. But anyways i had to replace one of the speakers and i took it apart. Replaced it no problems ive installed windows 7 on it today thought for a second that there was a still problem with the speaker but everything is good and works nice Smiley Happy Battery still hold very good.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I've got the same problem.

I bought it at August and it is broken at December

The right hinge were broken and cracked the bottom case.

First time I called to Lenovo International Customer care that said to be free of cost and they told me to go to Harrisma Wisesajaya and i came there. 

They said that they can't guarantee the damage in casing and after that they glued it without my conformation  and told me to paid 200.000 in rupiah.

After some negotiation they said that free of cost. and i used that notebook again but in this month it has broken again.

And then I ask to my mother's friend where i bought that laptop and they sent my notebook to Lenovo Service Center in Graha SA in my city but until 2 days there are not any conformation.

Can you suggest me what to do?
I need that notebook to do my college'e homework.

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Y510 Hinge Problem - In South Africa

Ok so one of the Hinges Broke off from the plastic inside of the laptop, so every time i open the lid the Broken off hinge just damages the inside if the laptop.........I see other members had the same problem.....easy fix right !!! Wrong !!!
Friday  08/05/2009 I phone up IBM/Lenovo support in South Africa (and asked technical support from my warranty info) since I don’t have the original paper work anymore...
And they tell me they can’t give it to me because they don't support the IdeaPad range (only think pad), they outsource the IdeaPad support to a company called Tarsus and gives me the number.
I phone them the guy takes my serial number and tells me it’s not on the system, and i tell him I did not buy it from them, and he tells me he can’t help me then.
I phone IBM/LENOVO technical support again on Saturday  09/05/2009 same story no support for this product, she can't even look up my serial number for warranty info and tells me to phone back on Monday Business hours
Monday 11/05/2009 I phone IBM/LENOVO technical support again, They tell me i must phone Tarsus. I phone them again same story from the Cape Town Branch and Jo-burg Branch of Tarsus
So my Question is Firstly who should take responsibility here, because I’m getting messed around here from Lenovo and Tarsus, All I want is my warranty info and if it’s not under warranty I’ll pay for the repairs!!! Just need someone to point me in the right direction!!!!!
The laptop is totally unusable im to afraid to open the lid because every time I do the hinges brakes some more plastic off from the inside HELP ANYONE
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Hinge Broken

I have a Y510 and after one year the hinge on the right side broke/seperated. I have to send it in, which is not good for me because I'm on the road.


I'm under warranty by two days. I almost wish I wasn't. I'd just dump some super glue on it.


I'm not sending my hard drive or my memory with the unit.

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem - In South Africa

So no help yet from Lenovo or Tarsus .......and its been a week Smiley Sad



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