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What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Just chiming in, new to the forum - I have a Y510 with a broken right hinge and an expired warranty. If this is a design flaw built into the system as I bought it, it doesn't seem like I should have to pay for an expensive warranty extension (now impossible anyway, or so one gathers) to rectify it. Before I go off half-cocked, am I clear on the situation - that Lenovo will not repair this built-in design flaw unless one is still under warranty?
Fanfold Paper
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Re: broken hinge, warranty just expired

I have the same problem.  I have a Lenovo Y510 which I bought 13 months ago.  The right hinge started cracking months ago but, I didn't realize it was going to crack wide open - I never had a laptop do this before.  The CU is out of waranty but since it appears this damage is due to normal movement of opening and closing the screen the service center would be a bit reasonable and allow the repair.  The rep. advised that there is nothing they can do since the system is out of warranty.  The only option is have to pay to get it fixed.  I'm otherwise very pleased with the system but I'm gunshy to buy another Lonovo if a basic component as the case can't be designed to last.  Are there any other options available to have the case fixed?
Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem - In South Africa

Hi mark , i manage to get hold of the Service Channel Manager (lenovo South Africa) and he pointed me in the right direction also got an email form him yesterday (26/05/2009) saying that my Unit would be fixed under warranty..... :-) (really glad about that because i received a hefty quote for the repairs from Tarsus)

The machine is at Tarsus at the moment so i'll waiting for them to contact me !!! so for so good i hope 
 thanks for the concern 

What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Following up, it turned out I still had a couple days till expiration on my warranty and was approved to have my laptop repaired.  While attempting to backup I tried using my wired ethernet since it is much faster than wireless and found out it was not working as well.  I hadn't used anything but the wireless for at least 6 months.  Anyway, it was my last day under warranty and I was still waiting for the shipping box to arrive, so I added ethernet port to the problems to be fixed.


About nine days after my initial call to support, I got my computer back. The hinge was fixed, but neither wireless nor the wired ethernet worked.  After trying everything including multiple calls to support, the one-step restore which was not functional either, I tried the last resort of reinstalling the OS, but that still didn't resolve it.  Support finally gave up and sent me another shipping box.


3 weeks later I have my computer back at home in working order.  The only thing mentioned in the work order that might have related to the ethernet problem was an updated BIOS.  They did manage to keep my data on the D drive, but all the setup of applications is gone and for now the laptop is only being used for internet browsing if and until I find the need to go to all the work to get everything working again.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Good thing i saw this post, i have the same problem with my y430 I purchased last week of Feb this year...i'll take pix then post new topic
Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 hinge broken

I also had my hinge fail on me about a month after warranty!


It made a dreadfull noise when opening, and i can see a crack on the back cover of the display.


I called in to tech support, was told no way they would help me out.


Then they suggested I purchase an extended warranty, but then realized that I am in Canada and that they couldnt sell it to me.


I worked in customer service with Lexus/Toyota for years and there were many situations where we would cover repairs after the warranty expired. For a premium brand like Lenovo they should extend their warranty for a well known issue like the hinges.


I used to brag about the quality of my Lenovo to my friends, but now im stuck with a laptop I can not close for fear it will break even more.


Oh, and the k button is not responsive some times.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 hinge broken

I have also had a similar problem. I took it into a computer repair place and the repair man said that hinge pulled off of the chasis and that it would be very expensive to repair. They advised me to contact lenovo. I have taken exceptionally good care of my laptop. I transported it in a padded computer bag and I feel that the broken hinge must be due to a design defect as suggested by Mark above. Mark, how do I go about sending you a private message?
Paper Tape
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Ideapad y510

[ Edited ]

I have ideapad y510 have hinge problem , its falls down always and am not sure how to get it repaired.

I never looked in to warranty , i think i still have warranty .I purchased it On June 22nd 2008.


My question is it repairable under limited warranty within 1 yr from purchase.

My Computer does not have serila number or model number and it has Model name ....



Thanks for ur advice and input




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What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 hinge broken

I am in the same boat. The hinge on the right side of my laptop(the side with the volume button on it) is broken as of tonight.  There is a crack where the screw goes into the bottom of the computer near the hinge.  I purchased my y510 laptop in march of 2008.  I am not sure if it is still under warranty. I also took very good care of my laptop keeping it in a padded case for safety. I would like to know what can be done about it.  thank you in advance. 



Token Ring
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I experienced the same problem and sent it in to Lenovo via the box they provided last Wednesday. Today (exactly one week later) I got my Y510 back and it is good as new.


They cleaned up the laptop and replaced the bottom casing as well as the keyboard (???). I had asked them to fix the screen scratched by the keyboard and trackpad, but it was not done. Oh well. At least they sent me some rubber bumpers to apply to the screen, to prevent further scratches.


However, my warranty expires in about a month and I am debating whether to purchase an extended warranty in case the hinge cracks again. According to some posters, they were informed by the Customer Service Reps that once repaired, the hinge should not break anymore, but other posters have reported this problem happening more than once.


All in all, I am very impressed. Lenovo customer service gets an A.

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