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Punch Card
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Re: IdeaPad Y510 broken screen / hinge along bezel edge



I don't know the part number as I have ordered my set from e-bay. The set you are referring to look identical to the hinges in the y510 and the hinges I have ordered. The hardest part is taking apart the laptop, but with patience and care you will be able to take it apart.



What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Y510 broken screen / hinge along bezel edge

One piece of advice to Lenovo:


Forget about the repair, even if you refund the whole Laptop Money, you won't be making as much loss as you are doing by ignoring it.



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 Hinge

Dear Mark,


I, too, have this problem with a Lenovo IdeaPad, model Y510.  I bought it in June, 2008 and since then the case has cracked on 2 separate instances, where the hinge is attached to the case.  The first time Lenovo repaired the unit free of charge with a $49 fee for shipping and diagnosis.


This repair lasted about 6 months, when yesterday the laptop again cracked at the left hinge and separated from the LCD screen.


Mark, based upon my research across the Lenovo community, this is a common problem with this particular model series,  the Y510 and Y710 series.  It obviously is a design flaw in which the screen portion is too heavy for the metal hinge to support without cracking the plastic case where the hinge attaches.


When I contacted customer support  I was told that my unit was out of warranty and that I would be responsible for paying the costs to repair and replace the case - $169 plus $49 shipping and handling.


Mark, I think Lenovo should do the right thing and take responsibility to either fix the Y510 or replace this product with a similar and more reliable laptop - FREE of Charge!


The reason I buy Lenovo ( i own 3 IBM/Lenovo laptops) is because of the outstanding reputation over the years IBM/Lenovo has enjoyed with its Thinkpad series. 


Please help us loyal customers with this problem.  Not assisting the customer in this situation only hurts Lenovo and the reputation it has with the PC community.  The alternative might be to explore a class action law suit which would certainly be more costly to Lenovo and drive away the very customers Lenovo wants to attract and preserve.




Robert Romano


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: IdeaPad Y510 broken screen / hinge along bezel edge

Dear Mark,


Even I have this problem with the hinge after the end of my warranty period. I bought my Ideapad Y 510 in December 2008. I got the hinge replaced in May 2009 after you suggested the same to me since the hinge was making a crackling sound while opening and closing.

And then a few days back the casing just cracked. The same place as a few others who has posted the images on this thread. My warranty expired sometime around 20th December 2009. Could you please suggest what I should do now?


Looking forward to your reply.


Thanks for your support.

Punch Card
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Re: IdeaPad Y510 broken screen / hinge along bezel edge

I received my new hinges and replaced the broken one. All is well once again (for the time being)!



What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Like all the rest, our hinge has broken.  I've been told to call one of the 509 service providers to have it repaired.  Has anyone done this?  How much should it cost?  Why can't Lenovo own up to the problems they've created because of their shoddy design?

Paper Tape
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Y510 - Replacing Hinges....Howto

Hi All,


My Y510 suddenly got loosn'd ..may be time has come to replace the hinges... I know it should not be difficult to replace hinges by our own...


I was trying to google the information, but couldn't gather much info as how to remove the hinges...

Is there any way to start with it. means any document /images to show how to begin with dismantling the screen and remove the hinges out.


Would really appreciate if any gurus can post some info who tried earlier to fix such issue.








Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

well, lenovo is owning up to the problem partially. after not fixing the problem a year ago when i called 3 times about my y510 screen not being able to stay opened, my hinges cracked my case (i am a field tech, so constant metal on plastic, opening and closing, wasnt good. LOL) they finally decided to cover the hinge problem. of course, after calling support and mailing it in, my problem was seen as not covered (i did take it apart to get loose screws and plastic pieces out of the laptop that fell in after the case cracked) because the cracked case was "user" caused. so if anyone wants parts for a y510 , PM me.



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What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I purchased my Y510 around March of 2008. In May of 2009 the screw in the back right corner cracked and the chasis has since cracked around the hole where the screw went. I took it to a local computer repair shop and they just basically tried to glue it which definitely did not work. I've just been using it and not closing it since then, and recently bought a new laptop to replace it. This one still works perfectly other than the hinge issue though, and I would like to give it to my little brother to use for school. Is there any way to fix it so the chassis stays together in the back and he can open and close the laptop? I don't care that I'm past the warrenty period and would have to pay to get it fixed, I would just like any way to get the thing to stay together.



Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad Y510 broken screen / hinge along bezel edge

Hi Mark,


Regarding Y510 hinge replacement, I don't knwo who to believe. I encountered the problem a week ago, did a web search on this issue, learned about Lenovo's willingness to extend warranty coverage for additonal 6 months beyond the original 1-year, contacted the customer servervice as was told "yes, you are within that 18 months window. But, no, we are not going to honor that commitment." What can I do? Here are my suggesitons:

1. Lenovo honors its commitment to provide a "one time no quesitons ask free replacement," or

2. release a complete instructional video for do-it-yourselfers to perform the hinge replacemnt themselves and make the parts available at a reasonable price.


I was quoted a price of well over $250 for sending in my computer and having its right hinge replaced.


Any information you can share is appreciated. 

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