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What's DOS?
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Re: YOU Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Do they reinstall the same hinge or is it new/improved so the same problem dose not happen again?

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Re: YOU Hinge Problem :( !!!!



Check the parts site


Depending on what you need, you can get the bottom cover for the Y510 under the chasis section link here.  Some customers may need the lower chasis if it is cracked out in the corners around the screw area where the hinges attach.


The hinges themselves are orderable under the Y530 parts list link here.    Customers might need either the left or right, and for $18 each, I would probably replace both at the same time if it were me.


To answer your question, these Y530 hinges were used in the Y530 and some later production Y510 and should be of the newest design.   While the Y510 and Y530 are fairly similar designs, as evidenced by the heavy weighting of comments on the Y510, I conclude that these hinges are better and probably will last throughout the life of the system.


I plan to order a set of covers and hinges and when I get some time, to do a photo write up of the process and post to our knowledge base here. 


Best regards,



What's DOS?
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[ Edited ]

Why did I purchase an extended warranty from Lenovo to have them reject a bad hinge repair? I purchased an extended warranty because the hinges were bad on my Y510 laptop only to have my recent repair rejected. I was told that it would cost $185 dollars to repair the hinges on a computer that only cost me $550 new 4 years ago. I can tell you why. It's because it cost you more in labor to fix it than you received from my extended warranty. I called in and was told that my warranty would cover the bad hinges and was sent all the shipping information. I was without that computer for 5 days to get it repaired only to receive about the most infuriating phone call of my life. Please tell me you can get this fixed because my computer hinge is breaking the entire case! I promise that it will cost you more in poor cheating people than it would to have just fixed my computer.

What's DOS?
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Re: YOU Hinge Problem :( !!!!


As long as Lenovo's not covering this work, it would be nice if we were given sufficient information to do it ourselves.Can we get a list of part numbers that are needed to do the hinge repair? Aside from a left and right hinge, what other parts are needed? When is a back plate needed? Are there instructions for the repair?


Why aren't the engineer's from Lenovo getting involved in this forum and posting some useful technical information? It would seem that the overwhelming amount of traffic in this thread should indicate some attention is needed - can you contact a manger in technical services department and get them involved in actually resolving this issue!!!


As it stands right now, I'm pretty sure myself and everyone else who has posted on this list will not buy another Lenovo product. If your company cares about customer satisfaction, a more satisfying response is to this issue is definitely needed.

Paper Tape
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Re: YOU Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I went to order the hinges, but they're out of stock. When will they be back in stock?
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Re: Warranty

I don't work for Lenovo but like every member of our forum we are all here to help each other out the best we can. When it comes to bad mouthing Lenovo you are wrong and perhaps a little impatient, they happen to be one of the very few companies that will go to bat for you with the Service Depots all over the world,(Lets see Dell do that for you, Ha!) I have had to do my Daughters hinges three times, and now that Lenovo is providing a link to get the parts we need to repair them ourselves the savings are considerable. Each Hinge is only $18.00 and the bottom base cover that usually pulls the screw female parts out of the glue that holds them in thus breaking the base cover are $78.75 (quick tip you don't have to replace the bottom case if you are able to glue these female screw parts back into place, I did) and I believe the top cover is around $82.00. Heck she even lost a few caps for the key board and the third party people would be glad to sell you a brand new key board to fix your problem but....eBay sells them 3 for $6.00 and you even get to pick the ones you need. So my friend do a little home work and trust in Lenovo after all you have had your lap top for four years....the average life span on one is usually three years so you really don't have much room to complain about. As for an extended warranty ....haven't we all learned about buying these buy now...C'mon I ask you how many people get sucked into these. I just bought a 37" Vizio for $450.Canadian and they wanted another $92.00 for another three years...complete replacement warranty, sounds real good right? Wrong until I read the fine print and by the time I paid for all the extras that would be accrued in getting it fixed three years down the road it would end up costing me half of what I paid for the TV. Technology is changing as I write can you imagine the stuff that will be available to us in three four years.

   Lenovo is and always will be number one in my books, you can't go wrong with pioneers such as IBM aka Lenovo.

If I can suggest anything else please post and I will do my best to help.


What's DOS?
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Y510 Hinge Problem



i bought lenovo Y510 Laptop 2 years ago...every year iam facing hinge problem.i spend 3000 per year.. still in the 3 rd year  iam facing the same problem.. this laptop make me every year 3000 as service charge... this is not good... company wont take response... at all... this is entirely company fault...makes money out from customers... why don't they offer free customer facing the repeated take responsible and make it free service for the Hinge problem.....

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Re: Y510 Hinge broken

Hi Mark,


I was going through a forum for Lenovo Y510 hinges issues. Although my laptop is out of warranty but I have seen several other people got the hinges replaced even after their machines being out of memory, I also called lenovo customer service just few minutes back and they responded the offer to replace the hinges for free got over in February 2010 and now I have to pay if I want to get them replaced.


The problem is I had bought this machine when Lenovo had launched Y510 and had the same issue within few months then I had sent the machine for hinge replacement and got it replaced since it was within warranty. Then  again I had the same issue but this time it was out of warranty so I had to get it fixed outside and had paid more than 100 bucks to get it fixed. Now, this is thrid time it is again broken so I thought of doing some online research and found out this forum and about you.


Is there a way you can help me get this fixed? I am really thankful to you for your time and consideration. Kindly, let me know either way.

What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 - Replacing Hinges....Howto

I am currently taking my laptop apart and I am unable to get the screen apart. Can you give further instructions or point me to a video?
Blue Screen Again
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Y510 Hinge broken!!!!!

[ Edited ]

I am also facing the same problem

as this forum is filled with same repeated problems and still compny not taing serious action into it that not good


I have following concerns


1) My hinge broke just 5 days back and its been 2 and half year that i am using this laptop, so its not in warranty

2) i came to know that every user with Y510 is facing same problem

3) So does it mean that we should go for extended warranty ----> NO its company's fault in design and they should resolve it ina such way that it should not arise again, but it is seen that even after replacement again it get broke so its just not ACCEPTABLE

4) i my case i am ready to spend 5000 (as my hinge and back cover is broken) BUT IS THERE ANY ONE FROM LENOVO SIDE WHO CAN GIVE ME GARRANTY THAT AFTER REPLACEMENT NEW HINGE WILL NOT BREAK







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