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Re: Y510 - Replacing Hinges....Howto



What laptop model to you have?  I only have direct experience with a Y530.  I've read some conflicting reports about the Y510 (ie. screws are not marked ABCD, the silver screws in the DVD bay may or may not have to be removed)

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Re: Y510 Hinge broken!!!!!

I also had the hinge break. Sent it to Lenovo and they charged me $80 to fix it. I now have th battery not charging issue. It shows 41% charged but as soon as I unplug the power cord, the computer dies. I think this is the last PC I purchase...on to MAC's for me!!!

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Re: Y510 Hinge broken!!!!!

41%?!!?  That was exactly the same level that my battery had and strangely enough the Y510 died on me when I pulled the plug.   At that level, I should have had at least 30 minutes of runtime left.  Hmmm.   It is now down to zero but as I have done a work around, I am not concerned.  Now I want to know if the problem is really with the battery.

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Now I have a new problem. =( I ordered left and right hinges for my father's computer, since Lenovo would not fix his like they fixed mine. I spent 2 hours followed the very helpful instructions on getting the computer disassembled. The hinges, while bent, are not broken. Instead, all the bottom plastic housings (that the hinges screw into) are shattered. I cannot fix the laptop, and we've wasted nearly $80 ordering + shipping these stupid hinges. Am I actually expected to drop another $100 (after shipping) for the entire bottom plastic assembly???
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I just replaced my hinges and now the touchpad isnt working.  Im sure I probably bumped something but I cant find specs anywhere showing me where the touchpad connects to the motherboard or anywhere else.  Any ideas?

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!



Sorry to hear that the bottom cover needs replacement as well.   Buying the bottom cover is probably the best way to fix this, however early in the thread, someone posted some pics of how they set all the screw bosses in place, and then filled the whole corner inside the system with epoxy to make it solid.   It seemed to work for him.


All, there is also a KB article here based on the excellent photos and user provided instructions here.


I'll continue to follow the thread and update the KB with additional insights.   If you find a tip or trick that will benefit others, please post it as a comment at the bottom of the KB article (there is a comment link - it's not super obvious, so please scroll down to find it).   That will be helpful, so rather than combing the thread, we can update based on the focused feedback and the KB article will become a better resource for everyone.


Thanks for sharing your experience!



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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

[ Edited ]

Just wanted to chime in here.. I bought my Y510 in August or September of '08. The hinges got kind of wobbly a month or so after I bought it, but I just kind of dealt with it. About 6 months ago, I replaced the hinges and all was well. Then about 2 months after that, the case around the right hinge started cracking little by little. The plastichrome bezel for the subwoofer fell off, and the case fragmented enough that the hinge stopped moving completely, it just took a shard of case with it every time you opened or closed it. Then, despite not really being attached to anything, the lower half of the hinge sheared off and fell out. Now the right side of the screen freely moves away from the main case, and the lower part of the LCD housing (right at the "bend") has developed a crack. Then the left hinge started getting a little wobbly.


I bought a used T61 and the Y510 is turning into a media center. It had it's positives, but over 3 years of ownership I ended up pretty disappointed with it Smiley Sad After seeing how huge this thread has become, and after my own experiences, I firmly believe that the lower case/hinge design of the Y510 is inherently flawed and their combined failure is a matter of when, not if.

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem - In South Africa

Hi mfishm -- The hinge (and casing) on my Y510 is broken and I'm trying to get it fixed. I live in South Africa too. Do you still have the details for the Service Channel Manager? I have spent two hours on the phone this morning to different service providers -- from Lenovo to Incredible Connection to Tarsus etc -- and haven't got anywhere. I'm not feeling confident that I will be able to solve this simply, esp as Part Serve (the only company in SA to repair IdeaPads) says they won't order the hinge until they have the unit, and there will be a three to four week waiting period for the part alone. As a freelance journalist, I can ill afford the time. If you do have suggestions/contacts, I would be grateful if you would pass them on. Thanks, Anne


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Re: Y510 - Replacing Hinges....Howto

Well it's not really a design flaw THE HINGES ARE JUST TOO TIGHT.  When I got my replacement lower case and hinges, I was afraid that it would just happen again.  I noticed that while playing with the new hinges, they were really, really tight.  This would explain all of the case breaking and hinge breaking.  It's like overtighting a wheel bearing on your car - something WILL break.


There is a little nut at the end of each hinge.  Loosen it with a little wrench (I used needle-nose pliers very gently) until it moves with just slight resistance.  This way the hinges will stop breaking the case mounts and the hinges.  I don't even think that all of the servicers know to do this - this is the PROBLEM - the hinges are just too dang tight.



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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem

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I too have a Y510 and its hinge just broke. I got the laptop in Jan 2009.



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