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Punch Card
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem -- round 3? 4? I've lost count

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OK, so apparently they make hinges available on-demand. Ordered, should be in early next week. FWIW, $50 for 2 hinges + shipping + tax seems pretty cheap to me. (Cheapest shipping to USA $10; cheapest shipping to Canada $32. Glad I have a USA address available to me.)


Hey, LENOVO! Try using USPS for shipping to Canada, instead of a courier! WAAAAY cheaper for Canadian customers in re customs brokerage fees. USPS hands off to Canada Post, which, by law, can only charge $5 for brokerage fees. Couriers charge a minimum of $20 for exactly the same service.


LOL of course Ebay might be cheaper for hinges, but no guarantee that the newer version of the hinges would be shipped.


Oh, and re replacement hard drive -- just put in a Seagate Momentus 500 GB G-Force drive (model number ends in ASG; will protect itself if dropped) and am very happy. Dual-boot between Vista and *NIX (Kubuntu), with tons of room! Yay.






Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem -- round 3? 4? I've lost count

The best way to handle the Lenovo hinge and other problems is to do what I did this week. After broken hinges being replaced then the top being so floppy I am sure they were going to break again. Next the charger quit working and had to be replaced, finally the mother board fails. My answer to this is to go buy a new laptop (anything but a Lenovo) transfer the data over to the new one and get great satisfaction throwing the Lenovo in the trash. Happy days are here again!



Punch Card
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem -- round 3? 4? I've lost count

Yes, yes, and Yes.    But since I have made my machine into a desktop replacement with an external keyboard, new hard drive (I finally put in a WD 500Gig running at 7200 rpm; easy), additional RAM, and hooked it up to a UPS instead of buying a new battery (to give me shutdown time in case of a power failure here), it could still run for a few more years.

What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I've got a Y530, replaced the left hinge, turned the laptop on and it shut off with a puff of smoke coming from the left hinge. My question is, does anybody know what the two silver wrapped cables are that run under the hinge (or how I would even go about searching for how to replace them)? I suspect one of those is my problem. I'm hoping I didn't fry the mobo too. So frustrated. Any suggestions/comments would be great.

Paper Tape
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Check the hinges

Just performed a repair as well. Not exactly the most fun I've had in the last months, but I figured it out thanks to the write-up & pictures (Thanks!).
It's been mentioned before, but please make sure that the left hinge has enough of a cut-out for the NIC card. If you don't happen to have power tools around the house that would be able to cut off the extra metal, you will spend a long time trying to fit everything around the monitor (cables, etc.), only to realize the dillemma later and be left with a non-working laptop in pieces - which is what happened to me, until I went to the machine shop at my work and had one of the guys help me out.
As I bought my hinges off of Ebay (~$11), I would definitely recommend asking the seller about the look of the hinges to avoid any potential problems.

Here are some pics to illustrate the issue:



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Re: Check the hinges

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Good suggestion on shipping - I'll ask and see what can be done.   There may be contracts, etc behind this that are based on broader scale, so I don't know if it can be changed, but I will ask. 


Thanks for your positive suggestions and encouragement to others here!




Thanks for the photos.  As you note, this may be a challenge with 3rd party parts that were probably for another system design but might be made to fit with some work.


Do you mind if I use your pics in another KB article on using / modifying hinges from other sources?  Would you be willing to write up a bit more about what you did for the article for the benefit of others?   This can't be an official Lenovo solution, which is why the forum may be a good place for it.    


Kudos for your problem solving and technical skills and for coming back to share what you learned for the benefit of others! 


(If you come back and have more write up, can you shoot me a private message so I'm sure not to miss it?)


 Many thanks!



What's DOS?
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Re: Check the hinges

Thanks for the great pics and step by step to fix the issue. I was successfully able to fix my issue.  BUT  after a few days when I actually shut down the laptop, it never came back on after that.. HELLPPPP .. I reopned the comp and checked the power cable and connections and didnt find anything wrong and the laptop will STILL not come on.. neither on battery nor with the power cable plugged in. Is it the power cable area close to the hinge with the lil circuit board the issue and needs to be replaced or something? Can anyone help me please..

I just bought a used MAC and I HATE IT.. cant wait to get back to my pc.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Hi Everyone -


I have also had issues with my Y510 over the years.  My motherboard and hinges went out about a year ago, but I was covered under warranty still.  My right hing is now having issues... its actually the case that is breaking under the pressure of the hinges.  The new hinges installed 1 year ago are still fine.  I think there might be some broken case solutions in the forum somewhere.


Does Lenovo have a solution for the broken case that holds the hinge in place?  It amazes me how many weak points there on this laptop.  I use it every day at work and at home, so it is constantly being opened.  I would think they would have tested the durability of these hinges before releasing.  


Any solutions would be apprecitated!

What's DOS?
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Y510: Lenovo Ripping People Off on Broken (Malfunctioning) Hinges!!

This is a TOTALLY ridiculous rip off. The same issue on my Y510


I had the right hinge broken about a year ago. It suddenly pulled out of its "socket" without anyone dropping, hitting, man-handling or misusing the laptop. I opened the lid, and suddenly it came off. 

I called Lenovo and explained this problem and was asked to send my laptop in. After 2-3 or so, I got my laptop back, fixed. HOWEVER, the USB port on the same side as the broken hinge no longer worked.  I called again, and was put in a long loop..And finally told the case had been closed. 


I sucked it up and gladly took the fixed hinge ( at the expense of my USB port ).


Today, about a year later, it happened again. I called and complained again, citing the previous repair. The lady said I would have to pay 80USD just to send it in for diagnosis, and the Tech Guy would cal me for an estimate to fix this problem and my USB. 


Now, this is where I got livid. I would have to close to 2 weeks of productivity plus 80 bucks while they make a decision and give me a quote. Secondly, I'm paying for the same recurring issue on my laptop, and who knows, if I pay for this now, that I won't be paying to get the same thing fixed again in the future ? Lastly, an issue-clearly-of manufacturing discrepancy that everyone who owns the Y510 has complained about!!!  Well, I refused to send it in, and I'm going to find an alternative means to this problem.


What sort of PR move is this, my dear Lenovo loyalties?! As for me, once this laptop reaches is demise, I'm done with Lenovo. Period.




Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 - Replacing Hinges....Howto

Hello Brewmasterthis!


You have done an outstanding service by posting these instructions with pictures! THANK YOU!


Last night I followed your instructions, which were very clear, and got to the broken hinges in my wife's Lenovo Y530. I placed an order in Amazon for the hinge set (about $20 parts+shipping). I am confidant that I will put it all together when the part arrives. Can't wait!


A local repair store asked about $50 to open and figure out the issue, and $150 to repair, excluding the cost for the parts. So, I saved about $200, and more importantly learned a lot, thanks to you.



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