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Paper Tape
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Re: Hinge on laptop is broken

i had it done in a local service center

Serial Port
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

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I just started having issues with the hinges about a month ago. Mostly with it falling to the maximum open position, opposed to the I can see the screen spot.


Last night, I moved it from my desk to a lap desk that I use while sitting in bed - very gently. The screen suddenly opens completely, hinges seem to be fully intact, except the chassis itself is expanding! I moved it back to a position where it was no longer expanding and turned the notebook on it's side to see what's up. The screws on the right lower side of the chassis completely sheered off - likely due to pressure exerted by  weight of the screen on the hinge mounts which were attempting to tear the chassis apart. Backed up my files and closed it.


Now when I open the screen it just flops around and is completely free. I glanced through this thread, checked ebay for hinges and chassis. Chassis are insanely expensive.


Has anyone glued the hell out of it with heat resistant two part epoxy and then replaced their hinges?


Any ideas? Thoughts? Comments? I love this laptop, it's a beast.




Ideapad S405 (2013)
Ideapad Y510 (2008 - 2013)
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I'm having the floppy screen issue similar to what Firefly2462 is (or was) having with my y510. Over the past couple days, I've noticed that if I put the screen any more that 5 or so degrees from perpendicular to the keyboard, it will flop all the way open or all the way closed. 


I don't believe that the hinges are broken, but I suppose I won't really know until I open it up and look inside.


I found this photo of the hinges:


I'm wondering if I can tighten those nuts on the ends of each hinge and put more tension on there and get my screen to stand back up properly without having to completely buy new hinges and replace my current ones.


I'm also having to replace the power supply and the battery because both are dying. I'm hoping that with these three fixes, I'll be able to breathe some new life back into my y510 and get another year or two of life out of it.


Thanks for any input!


Punch Card
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Well, you all got broken hinges and I've got damaged / cracked casing around the right hinge ( near the DVD player and near the screen )  Can't find my previous post with pictures, showing what my exact problem is.

If hinges are hard to replace, I can imagine how ''simple '' the replacement  of the whole bottom casing can be, if I'd  find the part at all !! 

What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

My wife's 5 year old Y510 hinge broke today.  I had no clue it was a problem or I would have serviced the hinge a long time ago.  I dis-assembled the machine, carefully lubed the hinge and loosened the nut one/sixth of a turn on each side.  I then figured out which screws held the hinge to the lower shell, drilled holes and mreasured the distance from the outside to the inside using a toothpick.  I then went to sears and purchsed 8 screws, washers and nuts.  I also picked up a package of JB Weld.  I dry fitted everything and realized I needed to make somting to better hold the screws on the outside (the nuts are going inside).  I chose a block of aluminum, and cut it into two small triangles then shaped it with a hand file.  This took about an hour.  I aligned so the aluminum is at the same level as the feet.  I drilled holes to match the ones I drilled before, did the toothpick thing again, got longer screws, counter drilled a place for the head of the screws and dry fitted it again.  next I mixed the JB weld and quickly laid the bed of Jb weld the hinge would lay in, realizing I failed to put an ancher for the outside screw, oh well.  I waited about a minute and set the hinge in the soft JB Weld bracing the whole thing with books while it dries.  Tomorrow I will drill the holes for the screws through the JB weld and re-assemble the notebook.  I normally get paid $100 an hour.  This little project took 6 hours so far, which would have paid for a new PC.  But my wife will have her favorite PC back, I don't have to dink with reloading another machine and teaching her Windows 8.  Maybe this machine will last until Windows 9.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

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Right hinge on my y510 broke along with LCD cover (laptop fell from the table). Would it be enough to only replace hinge and leave LCD cover as is (see photos below)? I only need it to function and don't care how will it look and replacing LCD cover is pretty expensive as opposed to cheap hinges.



Punch Card
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Y530 broken hinges-chassis

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Hello there, 

After more than 3 years of using the laptop on a daily-weekly basis, the hinges finally gave out. But not only the hinges....


So, after opening the case completely the right hinge had the metal sheared off, broken. But the left hinge was intact. At quite an immense cost. The plastics that are the support for the screws that link the hinges to the chassis were almost destroyed. 


I haven't been able to read the whole topic, but it does seem that all the Y5XX series have this problem of either poor metal used for the hinges or the case cracking. I will also show you the pictures, and I do hope theese pictures will be used by Lenovo to learn from this mistake and make better hinges or retaining system. The way I see it now is that the entire hinge system was "designed" to crack Smiley Sad 


1. Left hinge support-chassis: 


Link to picture


Link to picture


2. Right Hinge:


Link to picture


Link to picture


Fortunately, you can use industrial grade super-glue/adhesive to rebuild the screw supports. Smiley Happy


Link to picture


Unfortunately, a broken hinge cannot be rebuilt. Until I will buy spare hinges I am now left with my screen hanging on one single hinge, the left one. Smiley Sad


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Re: Y530 broken hinges-chassis



Thanks for the photos and your suggestions.   To rebuild the bottom cover, the brass inserts would need to be carefully positioned back in the screw towers and epoxy used as you suggest to form and rebuild the area. 


Alternately, and probably what I might recommend as a more convenient, if more expensive option would be to purchase a new bottom cover here.


Left hinge (if needed)


Right hinge (if needed)


These hinges are the Y530 hinges and can also be used to replair Y510 systems.


Best regards,


What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 - Replacing Hinges....Howto

FYI, I'm thining the y530 design has changed a little bit - the "small screws" on the cd tray are non existant on my model, and also to get to the hinges I had to remove *several* more screws after the final step - remove hard drive, fan, pull out many other little things.  But, in the end I could do it.  Not a simple job...  But thank you so much for getting me 90% of the way there!  Couldn't have done it without your tutorial.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y510 - Replacing Hinges....Howto

I am attempting to follow instructions found on this board to replace hinges, but the Y530 Ideapad DVD tray does not have the small screw to remove the slides so I can reach that second screw.  I am at a standstill until I get this figured out, anybody have an idea? Photos appreciated!!! 

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