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What's DOS?
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Re: hinge problem common?

Hello.. Fellow hinge problemer here... Do you know if this is covered under warranty or if I will have to pay?  Mine's been 9 months.  And I'm now getting an error that it will not read my hard drive. 


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Re: hinge problem common?



Unless you have dropped the system, or there is evidenced of abuse, the hinges should be covered as a warranty item.


I would encourage you to contact service and get this taken care of.  Sorry you've experienced this issue.


Best regards,




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What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I also have the same problem and like others in this thread I am experiencing poor service.


It has been 2 weeks since I sent my laptop and I've received no communication from Lenovo whatsoever. I was originally quoted a 5 working days turnaround. When I call, I reach a call centre in the USA and they can give me no useful information at all concerning my laptop's repair in Australia. What a waste of time. When I called on the 11th, the guy who answered told me the laptop was repaired. When I called back a few days later they told me it was still being repaired. That is unacceptable customer service.


I made the original call to Lenovo for repairs on December 5, now it's Christmas. I leave on boxing day for my holidays and I was hoping to take my laptop with me. No chance.



Paper Tape
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Lid Hinge

[ Edited ]

I have purchased and owned a Y510 Ideapad for approximately one year now. I love it and everything is great but for something I have recently noticed.The (X) hinge which connects the top (monitor) to the bottom (keyboard) squeaks a bit; furthermore there is a "slip" spot where the top will not sit tightly in; thus as I push the screen up to a comfortable viewing position, it comes to a point where it feels loose and "slips" a bit, and then it is back to normal and will hold in any other position.


Have I come upon the eventual failure of the hinge mechanism? I've always wonder how strong it is in this form.


Has anyone else noticed this with thier Y510?


This is concerning.


Indeed, it would sadden me beyond consolation and bring great lament; ere any solution to be found. Hopefully an answer is forthcoming.




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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I give Lenovo customer service an A+. I had the hinge problem occur after 7-8 months. I called Lenovo and got a friendly CR on the phone. I had no problems with the warranty. Lenovo sent out a Fedex box next day air free of charge for shipping to the service center. I sent the laptop out on a Tuesday and by Friday the computer was back with me. I certainly didn't expect it back that fast. The computer repair looks to be as good as new. The CR said once this hinge is fixed is shouldn't happen again. I hope he's right. Anyway, Lenovo sent back with the laptop a little cleaning kit for the screen and keyboard for the inconvenience. Long story short, I am very happy with the service and pleasantly surprised how quickly the computer was sent back. No hassle and didn't cost me a dime.Smiley Happy
What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I had the hinge issue and got it fixed from customer service. My 1 yr warranty is about to expire in 2 weeks. Have any other ppl who faced this issue opted for extended warranty. I am in dilemma to go for the extended warranty or not - just to be on the safe side if the issue happens again.


Any responses appreciated! 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I will renew my waranty 2 weeks before it expires .. Smiley Happy


This notebook will go for another year without a problem. Smiley Very Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

i have the same problem i sent it to laptop specialists in UK. they sent me a invoice bill charging me £295. its really very expencive for me pay that much amount. even to leave that laptop i have to 120 pounds. even i have warranty i have to pay them. instead of that i can buy a new laptop. lenovo is very worst company. it is not even giving any guidance to repair that laptop. i brought for 65,000 INR even i have international warranty. 
Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

plz give me some idea wat i have to do whether i have to buy new one make it to repair. 
Serial Port
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Sorry i havent replayed in a while, but i did get my problem resolved i sent it in and they have fixed it for free the customer service reps were very understendable of the problem and very professional, the whole thing with turnaround took 5 business days and i got it back it doesnt even seem like it was taken apart but my problem is gone and i dont really care what they changed. Screen wibbles a little bit but thats nothing that bothers me!!




Good Luck with the hinge !!!

Any Questions fire ahead!! 

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