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Punch Card
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Re: Y510 - Replacing Hinges....How to

Hey glad to hear and see that your a devoted helper as I am. There is a new posting on Hinge Replacement for Y510 Y530's under the How To links. Mark and company actually used my Daughters Y510 for the posting after replacing the hinges three times. I to agree that it is not a design flaw it is a Hinge Flaw that saw mine lasting five months tops before going by the wayside like the rest of them. However with the new and improved hinges that's what is making the difference now and I truly feel for the folks that are still out there replacing the broken ones with the same vintage hinges as before, so if I were anyone out there I wouldn't be buying them off of eBay or anywhere else besides Lenovo. After all you can not beat Lenovo Service and is eBay going to send you new ones when they go again because you have replaced the hinges with the exact same ones that failed you to begin with. Of note not all of the older hinges have the lock nuts on them so beware of what you are buying and if they are not there send them back as you have purchased the same old hinges. Thanks again for your help.


What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

We have the same hinge problem and we are extremely pissed at Lenova.   They know they have a design problem but they fail to stand behind their products for an obvious design flaw.  We buy several laptops every year for our business, but we will no longer purchase any Lenova products.  We have several Dell products, and they are more reliable and their support is far superior. 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

This post will soon be taken off the forum as they do not like to hear the truth about  the known design problem with the hinges. Never have admitted to the flaw and anyone looking for a laptop would be wise to avoid Lenovo.

Blue Screen Again
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Y510 Hinge Problem/Awful Customer Service



I have made several calls to Lenovo in the past two years regarding the hinge problem on my Y510. When I first began hearing the clicking noise I knew something was wrong, but was not sure exactly what was happening. Soon after, I noticed the casing began to separate near the broken hinge. I had no doubt that this would be covered by my warranty since it happened on it's own. I was wrong. I was told that it would not be covered. Though, at the time I had NO CLUE that this was such an epidemic. Once I discovered that everyone else had the same problem I was aghast. Why wouldn't it be covered??! And so, I called again this year on January 12th.


After informing my service rep of the online prevalence of this problem, I was told that it was an issue with the Y510's (no one had mentiond that previously, why not?) and that I could have it shipped off for free and it would be covered by my warranty - at least this was my understanding after the conversation on January 12th. Whatt a relief! I waited until all my major school projects necessitating my laptop were out of the way and shipped my laptop off 2-3 weeks ago.  I received a voicemail telling me that I would have to pay approximately $200 to have the laptop repaired. I am so frustrated, whywhywhy? I am thoroughly disappointed. I don't know why I purchased a warranty if an obvious defect is not going to be covered. That makes no sense. What reason could possibly be used to justify it not being covered? Now I find out there was a recall? Why wasn't I notified? Or even told on one of the many occasions I have spoken with representatives about various issues/questions over the years?


This is simply not fair. I love my laptop. I preach Lenovo to everyone I know. This hurts on a personal level.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 maintenance guide to help with hinge and case replacement

I have also been working on the problem with the Y510 hinge and body failure.  In my sitution is that the case failed in the right corner. 


I have found parts from Lenovo at their web site "".  The bottom case is part number 3103265.  I have ordered the part to replace the case and the hinges; my hinges have not failed but decided that I might as well replace them while I have the laptop torn apart.


What I am looking for is instructions on how to safely dissassemble the lower case so I can replace the "total case" without breaking things.  Amazingly I have not been able to find any maintenence guides for this laptop.  Considering the mechanical problems with the Y510 I would hope that Lenovo would make instructions available for those of us that want to try and fix the PC.  Mine is out of warranty so they have limited exposure.


Anyone that can provide the service guides please let me know where they are?



Blue Screen Again
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Y510 Hinge Problem - FINALLY A SOLUTION!

I have great news, finally.


After living with the hinge problem for a little over a year and a half - and being told over and over that it would not be coverered under my extended warranty - I called again but this time brought up the fact that hundreds of other people have this same problem. A representative finally "admitted" that this was a problem with the Y510s and agreed to ship my product off for free and led me to believe it would be repaired via my warranty. However, I soon received a call from the tech center saying that after evaluating my laptop in the service center, it had been decided that my problem was not covered and was determined to be an issue of "accidental damage." Infuriated once again, I kept asking the service rep HOW this was determined since my laptop has no other damage. He kept repeating the same phrase,


"I'm sorry to tell you that your laptop is not covered and I just need to know whether you want to proceed with the $187 repair, or whether you want your product returned to you."


"I know - you already said that. I want to know what evidence they have which led them to this conclusion."


We played this insulting game another 3 times before he put me on hold to speak with one of the "highly trained technicians." Upon his return, he REPEATED the mantra AGAIN. (!!! I felt like I was going to lose it!) I then asked for the contact info for the legal department. He told me there was no such department. I told him that I knew there had to be someone to contact, and I asked where they referred people who wanted to file a legal complaint against Lenovo. This is where we finally broke ground. "Oh, you want to file a complaint?" He then asked me for me for my operating system, and how many bits I had (??). I didn't know the answers, and he told me that I couldn't file a complaint without this info, so I just guessed. This was Friday, he told me that a level 3 specialist would look at my complaint and make the final decision. I didn't have much hope and figured I would be filing with small claims court.


GOOD NEWS. FINALLY! I just got home and listened to my voicemail, this time the person speaking sounded rational, concerned about my frustrations, and said the problem would be covered since I was still under warranty. I called him back, left a message telling him how relieved I was, but that I am still very upset that I had to jump through so many hoops to finally get this response - AND that I have read many messages in this forum and all over the web from people who are also still under warranty who are being told what I was told those first 5 times. 


I know this still leaves out a lot of people who are no longer under warranty, and that sucks. But for those of you who are, FILE A COMPLAINT WITH LENOVO! I have 1 week left in my warranty. I am so glad I kept fighting this. I also filed a complaint with the BBB, and highly encourage EVERYONE with this issue to file one as well. It will get their attention, and maybe lead to better results than you have had so far. Good luck everyone, I feel for you.


And to those OUT OF WARRANTY, it is really worth your time to read through the messages on this board. I know there are tons of them, and is a time consuming process, but I got a lot of good ideas from other people and probably wouldn't have kept trying if not from hearing everyone else's stories, ideas, frustrations, and (few) resolutions. And, in the last 10 pages or so there are links to INSTRUCTIONS and PARTS for repairing the problem yourself. I hope this helps someone.

What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem - FINALLY A SOLUTION!

I found a funny post here,


Poor Lenovo, I don't think you have much faithful customers left. Smiley Frustrated

What's DOS?
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What's DOS?
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Y510 hinge problem - repeat


I have a problem with the hinge connecting the LCD display to the main board of the Laptop. I have had this before and the hinge was replaced for me by customer support, very promptly. THis was because it was a recall item.


However, 1 year later, I am having the same problem. Will Lenovo replace the hinge for me again? I ask this becasue the nature of the problem is the same as it was with the defective hinge last time.



Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Y510 hinge problem - repeat

@ gopinathdeepak
try to call lenovo support line first. if you have valid warranty, they should.

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