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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I don't know what to say about the price of the repairs ... normally a lot of people here repaired the notebook without paying anything for the shipping, not talking about a repair fee. If they want to charge you £295 for the repairs, i think it would be the best to call up a Lenovo support line and see why you have to support this cost (where did you screw it up).


Maybe you have sent it to a computer shop which is a Lenovo partner (which doesen't necessarily mean that they repair it for free/sending the repair costs to Lenovo) and that's why the price is that high.


Regarding your question ... if you can find a good machine/notebook in this price buy a new one, leave it at them, but before all try to solve somehow this issue with Lenovo.


Good luck, let us know what you did!

Punch Card
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I'm rolling the dice and not getting the extended warranty. The customer service rep. tried to get me to buy a policy, but I opted not too. The CR did say that any any type of damage would be covered for repairs even if it is your own fault. I just didn't want to lay out the money. The CR also said that once the hinge is fixed that problem shouldn't happen again. I figured I would save the money now and possibly use the money I saved for a new laptop years down the road. Here's hoping for no trouble.
Punch Card
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Y510 -Broken Left hinge to add to the 26 already listed

Howdy LenovoFolks,

   It's been several months since I left a posting which is a good thing and after looking into the same problem my Daughter has with her Y510 at the moment, that I bought her last Feb.14/08 I see she is not the only one with a hinge problem. My question for Mark at Lenovo is seeing as how I bought it at Tiger Direct in Markham Ontario Canada and they are a service depot for Lenovo I believe? Can I take it there to drop it off to be serviced? Or do I need to get in touch with Lenovo Service and have them send me the whole box deal and do it that way?

   I was pleased with the service she got over the phone when she lost the boot sector back in August of last year and had to reinstall Vista but at the same time your tech re and re'd her hard drive so that her entire drive is now usable instead of 29 gigs usable and the rest data only. Its to bad she went out and bought an external drive like most of the not so knowledgeable people that buy laptops that have drives divided this way because I just sent it in for repair today, its to bad they just won't keep it and she could get her money back.

   So if you could get back to me Mark that would be great, and thanks as always for the great advice and service. Sincerely Yours, Mark Fairweather

What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

I think you should go at least for one more year of warranty. I had my Y510 fixed (the right hinge), although maybe it won't happened again in the right hinge, i've read in this thread that it happens in the left hinge too!


I was lucky because my warranty was still in force, but if it would happened two weeks later! God help me!


I think Lenovo is not being honest with his customers, THIS IS A DESIGN ISSUE AND THEY SHOULD HONOR A RECALL FOR ALL Y510!


Also I'm having problems with the keyboard, the keys pop out without any reason!


I'm very dissapointed with the  quality of this model. I won't recommend it to anybody!

Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

hi i have problem vth my laptop i finished my warranty and there is hinges problem can any one tell me wat i have to do now plzzzzzzzzzz
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!



The best thing I can advise would be to call service and ask them to repair this.  Depending on how far out of warranty you are, it may or may not be a reasonable request.   Perhaps your problems started before your warranty elapsed and you had trouble reaching support to make the claim?





Have you contacted service and support about your hinge and keyboard issues?  If not, please give them a call...I would expect they should be able replace the hinge and keyboard.


Best regards,




Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

After 6 months the hinge problem is back! Smiley Sad It seems if you have this tye of notebook you have to pay the extended warranty and think about the fact that at least 1-2 weeks a year you are without a notebook. Smiley Indifferent


I start getting a headake because of this design flaw. I am curous how much it will cost to repair ... because i forgot to renew my warranty after the 1 year. I'll get back with a post after i found out details about how can i get this machine back to it's orginal shape.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

GOOD GOD! My warranty was expiring tomorrow! GOod i was prompt and called 5 minutes after the incident. I was hooked up with a quick repair ticket and i got the chance to renew my warranty! Smiley Very Happy


All fun! Now i feel relieved! I'll keep you guys updated.


The service was again 11 of 10. I called after 21:30 and i they were very helpful and kind with me! GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT! GREAT COMPANY! Small design flaw that i can live with ... Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

drcyrus3d wrote:

GOOD GOD! My warranty was expiring tomorrow! GOod i was prompt and called 5 minutes after the incident.


Ha!  Good timing!  I had a screen on a 755cs go out on the last day of its warranty - squeaked in just under the wire to get it fixed.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 Hinge Problem :( !!!!

Hey Janel. Thanks for your reply. Smiley Happy


I have one question though ... i see you own an X61 Tablet! I want to buy one and i want to know for how long do you have it and what problems did you have with it till now if you had any!


Thanks for you time! Have a great day!

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