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Y510: Problem with Hotkeys - Not working or freezes system

i've seen a few older posts regarding the same issues i'm having, but none of those threads contained any solutions to the problem so i'm posting this hoping that someone can help me out.


First, i have a problem where the explorer.exe randomely freezes when i try to control the volume via the orange volume control button. I encounter this bug at least once a day, and it is quite annoying.  Once this happens, the volume control will not work and i need to restart explorer.exe by opening up the task manager.  Once i do that, the speaker makes an audible "pop" sound and the volume control graphic will pop up on the screen and start working properly.  ..until it decides to freeze again.  I experienced this problem since the early days when I got this laptop.


Second, I have a problem with the Dolby(?) and EQ hotkeys no longer working.   They used to work fine, but now pressing them does nothing.


Like i said, I have seen a few posts talking about the same exact problems i'm having, so i believe this is not an isolated case.


I am using Vista and I have already tried updating/re-installing some drivers like suggested in the older threads.



Thanks for any help I can get.

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Re: Y510: Problem with Hotkeys - Not working or freezes system

I think it's just the drivers themselves.

The software isn't really..fool proof.


It's ALSO possible it is a MEMORY issue, where it hangs and just doesn't cycle properly, then you get that freeze effect...and need to dump it out manually by force crashing explorer.exe


I had the same issue, though with what (minimal) drivers/software I have gotten to work with Windows 7, no such occurrences have happened.

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