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Fanfold Paper
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Y510 remote after sale purchase?

Hi there,


Just read this post and wondered whether anyone has had success purchasing the ideapad remote as an after sales part? I bought my Y510 a few months ago, love it but would also like the remote


Regards, Mark

Blue Screen Again
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Re: New Lenovo (or IBM) member...

plutos, i have a favour to ask you. As far as i understood you have a palm pda. Could you please use a noviiremote program to record the ir codes of the notebook remote? That would be a great contribution to those owners of y series who aren't able to buy the remote.
Paper Tape
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Remote Not Working

When I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad U110, it came with a remote.


I can't figure how how to get it to work.


There is nothing about the device on Lenovo's website. I tried searching by model number and seriel number. Google searches are not helping.


Is there a setting I'm missing?  Do I have to turn IR on?


My remote looks almost the same as the pictures the prior poster linked to.


My model is an RC900 

Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 Remote Control missing

peaston, there's supposed to be a driver for the IR receiver, but since Idon't see it in the U110 downloads section, you might as well try some other model's driver. For instance, there's a CIR driver for U330, or for Y510/530

Although, could you please use software from here to record your RC's signals and upload them somewhere for testing purposes? That requires a Palm, PPC or Symbian OS device. Or you could use any other software of type, providing it's teachable. We really need your help ^_^

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y510 Remote Control missing

novii remote codebase for lenovo ideapad, finally.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510 Remote Control missing

[ Edited ]

Has anyone tried to program the Logitech Harmony uniwersal remotes?




ps. I have y550 and some keys work with Microsoft Media Center keyboard.

What's DOS?
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Re: Y510 Remote Control missing

Hi there.  Any luck with the Harmony programming?


Perhaps if you have an included remote control with your laptop, you can manually teach the commands from the laptop remote to the harmony.


I have an ideapad u330 and do not have the remote and was as of yet unsuccessful in programming the harmony. But I haven't given  up.


Thanks for any ideas you may have.



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