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Paper Tape
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Y510 and XP over Vista : How????

I recently purchased a Lenovo Y510, and I'm quite happy with it.
But I have an annoying problem with it : It was sold with vista, wich is probably very fun but I prefer to install XP too (mainly because of software compatibility), but I can't get the installation to work!

Browsing throught the forums, I was quite happy to notice people installed XP on Y510, apparently without trouble. Also I found the drivers for XP on the lenovo support website.
So I wonder : what am I missing??
Here's what I did and what happens :
- I prepared a 30 Go NFTS partition for XP
- as specified somewhere on lenovo website, I switch the SATA BIOS option to compatibility.
- I boot from the win XP Pro CD (I have another CD for the SP2 update)
- the installation begins, it asks me if I want to press F2 or F6 for additional drivers or so, then it starts loading files...
- after 2 minutes, I get a blue screen error mentioning pci.sys. It tells me something like this :
STOP : 0x00000050 (0x936EC538,0x000000001,0xF9A35502,0x000 00000)
pci.sys - Address F9A35502 base at F9a30000 Datestamp 3d6dd6a6

I tried a few things but I remain stuck at this error at the begining of the XP installation... So what am I missing? Do I really need SP2 included in the XP installation CD? Am I really condemned to vista???
Any hint?
Punch Card
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Re: Y510 and XP over Vista : How????

Yeah, you need SP2 slipstreamed into the XP installation disk. While doing this, you can also slipstream in the Intel SATA drivers so you won't need to do the F6 to load drivers from floppy thing.

I used nlite ( to build the disk, as well as incorporate about 3 years of patches into the disk as well. Installation on the Y510 went without a hitch, except for the brightness hotkeys not working.

Hope this helps,
Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 and XP over Vista : How????

Yeah sure this help, thank you!
So it's not as simple as I first though... Now at least I know what to do, but I still have to learn... I will investigate, but if you know some any link with explainations that would save me a little time. I'll have a look at nlite...
thank you for your advice
Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 and XP over Vista : How????

Cool it worked! thanks again!
goodbye vista!
Serial Port
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Re: Y510 and XP over Vista : How????

There is another issue. You just could disable AHCI in BIOS settings. It should work.
Paper Tape
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Re: Y510 and XP over Vista : How????


I'm happy to see that someone got this to this to work. Maybe I can get a hint on what to do. I had the same problem, and
after slipstreaming SP2 onto my XP installation disk, it installed. BUT........ I can not get the audio and video to work. I
can see the screen, but it is a bit blurry and extremely slow in refreshing. The audio is just not there. When running the driver files
from Lenovo's downloadpage, the machine tells me that it can't find drivers for this type of HW.
Any suggestions on what I have forgotten??
I have AMIBIOS: 06CN25WW


Retired Guru
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Re: Y510 and XP over Vista : How????

Audio drivers can be installed by manual pointing device manager to their location. Do following :
device manager->Audio Device on HD BUS -> reinstall -> install driver manually-> all devices->have disk

In pop-uped window lead to location of unpacked drivers and search there for .inf-file , dblclick it, select "Audio Device" or something like that.
It must work.
Try the same with videodrivers. By the way, what kind of Videocard do you have? 8400GS or 8600 or IntelGMA ?
//help will save the world

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