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Y510 and Y710 - HDD partitioning scheme and One Key Recovery (OKR)


Why does my HDD capacity appear to be smaller than expected?


On some of the first generation IdeaPads like the Y510 and Y710,  Lenovo utilitzed the following partitioning scheme:


Lenovo creates three partitions on the installed HDD:


1.  The smaller commonly known “C” drive which contains Windows and your pre-installed software.


2.  The larger “D” drive which is ready for storing your personal data files such as videos, music, pictures etc. Both the “C” and “D” drives are visible in Windows but the “D” drive is MUCH larger to hold all your personal data.


3.  The “service partition” (the partition without a drive letter) is used by the “OneKey” recovery system to backup and recover the “C” partition. This “invisible” partition requires only 18GB to 20GB of HDD space. The service partition should NOT be deleted otherwise your “OneKey” recovery will no longer operate.


"Disk Management" is an installed tool which will allow you to view all three of these partitions. You may access "Disk Management" by selecting Control Panel -> Management Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.



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jchen1 On 2011-09-02, 16:15 PM

I have a Y510 and need to run a recovery on it; however, it doesn't matter when I pressed the NOVO key (either powered off or when in windows), nothing happens. I have not modified the drive paritions at all. The EISA drive still have 16.75GB, the C driver is 105.11GB, the Lenovo D drive is 27.19 GB.


How can I get the recovery process started if the NOVO key doesn't work? Any work around?



siamesedrummer On 2014-01-19, 6:10 AM

Can you please explain the HDD partitoning scheme for Y-series laptops with Windows 8?

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