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Y510 heat issues

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Although I've mentioned this on another thread I thought this should deserve its own. The issue I'm having is that the Y510 heats up quite a bit, specifically in the area where the left palm rests below the keyboard. It's warm enough that after extended use my left wrist feel uncomfortable and I have to give it a rest. This happens even its sitting on a flat table surface so I don't think the air vents are an issue. I want to know if anybody else is experiencing this and how they worked around it.



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Re: Y510 heat issues

i do agree, my Y510 real hot too. hmmmmz
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Re: Y510 heat issues

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Well my y510 gets warm on the left palm below the keyboard. But mine doesnt get really hot..

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Re: Y510 heat issues

kgboy, benmark d'u use models with integrated graphics? Can you describe what completetation your laptops are?
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Re: Y510 heat issues

Whichever your model is - with integrated videocard or not, in both cases they are (either itegrated or external) situated in that area. And CPU is also there. So, it's a normal situation that place is hot espesially during the work. The only question I have - your Y510 has an aluminium plate in the place your hands are at the moment you're typing?
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Re: Y510 heat issues

I experienced the same hot on down left keyboard. I lifted up my NB a litte by putting a book underneat, then the heat decreased a lot. I thought the airflow below the NB is not sufficient.
May be some rubber tip about 1cm height, usually used for table/chair, should be a solution.
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