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Y510 orange volume buttons not working

Hello All,


I've searched Hi and Low regarding my issue and eventhough i've read similar topics i have yet to read an exact answer or possible solution to this issue.


I have a Y510 running Vista and for a very long time now the orange volume buttons have stopped working.  They worked perfectly for a long time, but then i started to notice explorer.exe crashing and after a while they no longer work.  All the other buttons work fine, its just those phyisacal half moon orange buttons that are not functioning.


I have not done anything to fix this yet, i've been using the Fn key to control my volume.  I wish now to find a fix, but wnated to tbe clear as to the steps:


1. Reinstall drivers - where are the drivers for this button and is this a simple download and install???  Or do i need to remove the current driver to then install new driver?  I don't work with dirvers much, is there a specific location to remove or edit drivers?  Assuming it would be as simple as removing a program seems to easy...


2.  Tests - is there any way i can test if these are physically inoperable?  has anyone had any success replacing these buttons or some part of them (in case it is a physical problem).



Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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