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Paper Tape
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Y510P - Crashes randomly in certain games

Hey everybody,


I'm writing this for a friend who I've been trying to help with this issue for a while now.

He owns a Y510P and is currently running Windows 10 64 Bit on it.

His laptop is mostly running fine, he can play certain games including WoW and LoL without an issue. Others, like Path of Exile won't crash completely, but sometimes the graphics driver will crash and recover, blacking out his graphics for a second or so but then resuming. Other games, like Deus Ex: HR, Overwatch, Vermintide or Helldivers seem to randomly crash in a matter of minutes. Either the game crashes back to desktop without a specific error message or the laptop locks up completely and he needs to restart.


This seems to be somewhat related to the load on the system, as he can safely sit in the (already rendered) lobbies of Vermintide and Helldivers or play the practice range in Overwatch which doesn't have other player characters. Once in an actual game, the crashes quickly start happening.


I quickly found people suggesting this might be an issue with the power-saving feature when the drivers mistakenly switch back to the integrated card for just a moment, which seems to be causing trouble for other people. But disabling the integrated card via BIOS can't be done without a third-party unlocked BIOS which I won't risk him flash on his laptop and possibly brick it.


Other suggestions like forcing the game to use the nVidia card didn't work, either, cause those options were either not present in his drivers or didn't help (like "Use maximum performance" in nVidia settings).


What we tried so far:

- SLI on / off

- Install different nVidia driver versions

- Try to install current version of Intel driver directly from Intel's driver page (install fails with "System doesn't meet minimum requirements")

- Completely reset Win 10

- Install Lenovo power software to set system to "High Performance"


Nothing helped so far and I'm currently running out of ideas. For him, this whole thing is quite frustrating because half the games he wants to play with his friends won't work properly. It also doesn't help that I can't physically look at the laptop, but have to rely on Teamviewer to do some remote support in Windows.


I would be very thankful for any ideas or suggestions that might help fix this. If any additional information is required I'll be happy to try to provide it (dxdiag file etc.).


Thanks a lot in advance and have a nice Sunday!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y510P - Crashes randomly in certain games

oh please i have this problem too
exactly what you write here
if somebody find a soloution please help
i nealry smash my brain i searh every forum every ssite i didnt find any soloution
i have crash priblem on warframe, realm royale, rust, friday the 13 and path of exile.
any one please?
Social Support Agent
Social Support Agent
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Re: Y510P - Crashes randomly in certain games

Hi megatron98

Greetings from Lenovo.

As you have mentioned about the issue, check if the system specification matches with the game specification. Also, update the graphic driver to the latest version.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y510P - Crashes randomly in certain games


and thnak you for respond

sorry that late responding i thout noone care about it

i play most game on low performance

but weard thing is before that it was fine realy fine

i dont remember when exactly it happend

 but i do every thing for it i change many time windows 7 8 8.1 10 or i used last update of graphic driver eaven i do use lasst versin of geforce driver too i ue orginal one

and i  should say something else for a time i had an issue with beeng balck screan that it go ok and never happend again

i remember i played warframe or other game like it very good and several time and i didnt had this isue

but i feal my game crash on some object or weahter in the game or at least it happend too much

like in warframe i feal my game will creach in rainy weather or when i see water or river mostly. crash happen in realy random time mean it most be some thing that cuse it...

if i just knew its phi

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