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Paper Tape
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Y510P problems with headphone jack

Hello. Sadly, this is my first post on Lenovo forums.


I've bought Ideapad Y510P this week and here I have first problem with it. It's a new computer, been only transported in car laying flat in its box. Today was the first day I've tried out plugging headphones in.


When I plug them all the way in, only right part works. The left side is all silent. When I try to plug them in slowly, only left side works until I plug them all way in and then only the right side gives out sound.

When I plug my headphones halfway in (very hard to achieve and the jack doesn't want to stay in at all), both sides give out sound properly.


Tried with 3 different working pairs of headphones.

Checked all the drivers (Realtek HD Audio) and it is working. The speakers work wonderfully as well, only the headphone jack gives me problems.

What could be wrong?

Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎02-10-2014
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Re: Y510P problems with headphone jack

I'm going to bring the laptop to the place I bought it.

Hopefully they'll help me more than Lenovo forums...

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Retired SuperMod
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Re: Y510P problems with headphone jack

Hi Adisan, welcome to the forums,


sorry you didn't receive a reply as quickly as you expected, please remember that this is a peer to peer forum, not a direct support channel, provided by Lenovo in order that members may seek assistance from others and share their experiences. There is a Leonovo presence here but unfortunately there is no guarantee you will receive a direct response.


It's also not uncommon to have to wait some time for a response in a forum, members who are or have similar experience are not always online.

I certainly hope your reseller will be able to help you with this.




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Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-10-2014
Location: Poland, Belchatow
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Re: Y510P problems with headphone jack

I must say I was rather desperate.
The laptop was taken to the place I bought it in and replaced for a new one because it was less than a week from purchase.

The service said that it was a "built-in" problem, that came from the product being badly made. Smiley Sad
I wish I got a better solution for future lurkers, but now the topic is ready to be closed as I've got a brand new thing.

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