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Fanfold Paper
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Y510P - video card problem

Hi all,


I have some problems with my Y510P, hope you guys can help me and pointing me in the right direction. A while back in February I decided to do a clean install of Windows 10 on my laptop. This was due to too much stuff on my PC and sometimes I would get random crashes (freezing at login-in screen from sleep, was the most common). Totally clean (no factory image reset (although I still have to partition) from USB disk created with Microsoft software). After that I installed the drivers, everything was working fine. When I put in the ultrabay GT755M, nVidia Geforce Centre could see two cards. Although I had actually no idea if the ultrabay card actually worked, in some games the air from that vent did get hottor. 


Now the problems start:

Yesterday I booted up my laptop, took some more time than usual. At login-screen I immediately noticed that the resolution had changed. I thought that was quite strange, it became even more strange when I got to the desktop. Strange artifacts would appear. So I opened Device Management in the configuration panel and it showed the 2 GT755M cards, one had a exclemation mark. It says: "this device has been stopped, problems have been reported, code 43". The Nvidia control panel didn't open and gave the message: "no display connected" which was quite strange, as my screen is still functioning. Also the sleep option disappeared from the start menu, I tried rebooting, didn't work. 


After that I pulled out the ultrabay card. Laptop boots up fine, is functioning. But it's all running on the Intel graphics... Nvidia control panel is nowwhere to be found. Same information in device management. So I do think the card causing problems is the onboard one. GPU-Z does detect the card, but can't read all values. See picture.


I deleted the Nvidia drivers from the control panel, downloaded the latest one from the Nvidia website. It did install, and Windows did sound the chime of new hardware inserted and gave the message "new version of display driver installed, please restart Windows to take effect". Did nothing, still the same problem. Actually the first two times, after logging in, it gave a BSOD after a minute or 2, the message: "video memory management internal". I Googled a bit, and I found out that quite some Lenovo laptops does seem to have this error. One of the posts suggest that I ran the Lenovo Solution Centre, so I did... the test passes all points, except the Geforce card. Picture is in Dutch, but it says "inapplicable" at both video memory tests. 



I fear that my laptop is dying, or at least the internal graphic card... rendering both the Nvidia card and the ultrabay card useless. It's just 1,5 month out of warrenty (bought a 2 year student warrenty from the shop)... I don't really know where to start (or have that much time, university exam weeks, it just needs to work Smiley Tongue) Can I still resolve this? And get to using to power of the Nvidia cards again? 


Thanks for your help and suggestions. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510P - video card problem

The main problem I would like to find out: is it software or hardware related? In the first case I can of course go back to the clean install of Windows 10 from 2 months ago or go back to Windows 8 (or 8.1) using the recovery partition. But if it is hardware related, that's useless. Anyway to find out?

Punch Card
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Re: Y510P - video card problem

Did you fix it?

My ultrabay gpu gives Video management internal after sleep or hibernate.

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