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Y510p: Audio playback delay on hardware playthrough


I have a Lenovo Y510p, Windows 8.1 x64, i7-4700MQ, 8GB of RAM, Intel Wireless-N 7260. My target is to record my guitar in Audacity but there is delay on guitar playback.


Below here is how I manage the audio devices.


I separated all the audio devices.

So I get this in my Recording devices:

The "Mic in/at front panel" option is enabled when I connect my guitar to the jack ( I connected it through the amp, with distortion and effects).


The "Microphone" option is for the build-in microphone, next to the webcam. I enabled the option "Listen to this device" in the "Mic front panel" (input jack), so when I'm recording my guitar, I can listen to it.


So, I plug in my guitar, and as it should be, I start listening to it through my laptop's speakers. Everything is all right except on playback, there is a delay in audio.

I've read that old laptops are able to "hardware playthrough" the sound you're recording, but in new ones, you can only use the "listen to this device" option, which is "software playthrough", and carries delay with it.

So, what is the point of unable hardware playthrough? How can I reconfigure this?


To enable hardware playthrough so that you can listen to what you are recording without delay, proceed with the following:

1. Go to Control Panel>> All Control Panel Items>> Sound




2. Go to Speaker Properties, then click on the Level tab, where there will be an option to hardware playthrough. Enable this option and you will be able to listen to what you are recording without any delay or lag.

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