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Blue Screen Again
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Y510p - Battery Gauge Reset completely screwed. my laptop

The Incident

I bought my Lenovo Y510p on May 2014, everything was going fine until I decided to do a battery gauge reset sometime in late 2015. I had the same problem as everyone. Soon I realised that it wasnt charging and I realised that if I execute these steps in sequence it will work:
- Unplug charger from everything.
- Remove the battery
- Connect the charger to the socket and laptop
- Turn on the socket power
- Connect the battery

Contact with Lenovo

This worked and my laptop would run fine without any problems. But if you ever turn off and turn on the charger it would stop charging and you would have to reboot and do the steps all over again. I lived with this solution for a week and then finally decided to take it to a lenovo (Jaynagar, Bangalore)repair center. They were totally puzzled, they said it was a motherboard issue and they will have to send it to china for 3 months and also I would have to pay 30,000 rupees which is half the price of the laptop. Then after a few hours of debugging they said it was a charger problem. So a few days later I ordered a new charger and battery and they also had the same problem. More money down the drain.

The Aftermath

So I decided that it fine screw it, I couldn't afford to pay 30k rupees and that I would rather just reboot my laptop and follow those steps. This went on for 2 more years. Everytime there was a power cut I had to reboot and do those steps to get it charging again.
Fast forward to August 2017. Everything was working fine and I was in a game of Dota and suddenly I had a power cut, so i quickly decided to reboot my laptop and this time it wouldn't boot up. Only my keyboard backlight and power button lights were on. So i hard rebooted it again and again and finally after 5 attempts it worked. This was the first incident. Fast forward to today October 2017, I have to try rebooting about 40-60 times before it finally turns on. The probability of it turning on is 1 in 60 or so. I have to literally spend 45-60 minutes pressing the power button for my laptop to work.

I also recently found out that I could have avoided all this by replacing 1 stupid mosfet. I guess its too late now. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I am actually buying a new desktop PC soon, but I would like to still use this or give it to my dad.

TL;DR:Did a battery gauge reset. the charging. Found a way around it. Lived with that solution for 2 years. Laptop no longer works.


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y510p - Battery Gauge Reset completely screwed. my laptop

Anyone ?

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Re: Y510p - Battery Gauge Reset completely screwed. my laptop

I just read this post and wow, just wow that's absurd. I know this may sound like a silly question, but when your laptop started acting weird between August and October 2017 did you ever try booting it up without the battery in?
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Re: Y510p - Battery Gauge Reset completely screwed. my laptop

Hello, I also had the same problem with my Y410P, after doing the battery gauge reset the charging started to fail.


It took me sometime to figure out the problem. At first, I always do remove the battery before plugging in the power adapter and install back the battery then it starts charging. But when the power goes off, and power comes back, it doesn't charge and you have to repeat the procedure again, remove battery and plug in charger, then put back the battery again.


Now, I was thingking if it charged in that procedure then the culprit was the charger/adapter itself. So it was the power adapter that was affected by the battery gauge reset.


So I bought a new charger, tried and it really works like magic.


So to conclude, you just have to replace t he power adapter/charger to everything to work back to normal.


Thanks and I hope this helped.




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