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Blue Screen Again
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Y510p - Dual boot crashes windows



Well, i own a Y510p. 1080p, single GPU and 8gb ram version, if it helps. Time ago I decided to install Ubuntu on a second partition, because of reasons. Using an Ubuntu .ISO the instalation worked flawlesly, but after a while the computer catched a nasty error. Whenever using Windows (both in 8.1 and 10), the computer would randomly get a BSOD. Sometimes it didn't happened in a week, sometimes it happened twice a day. It was pretty random, i was unable to figure out any pattern. Even the problem would change, from some kernel error to some critical process thing. Sadly, I don't remember the exact error. But everytime, the computer would try to boot via IPv4 and get stuck in there. One reset and working again.


As you can see, it sucked, but I could live with it. I eventually had an unrelated problem with the pc and decided to format the whole thing. I kept Ubuntu and just installed Windows 8 again, the unrelated problem was solved but the BSOD thing was still there. And one more time, I had another unrelated problem that lead me to format the computer. Again. Because I wasn't using Ubuntu that much anymore, I decided to combine the partitions again for Windows. And voila, BSOD error is gone!


Well, now I want to install Ubuntu again. Well, I mostly have to install Ubuntu because the programming course that I'm taking assumes that everyone is a good person with a proper Ubuntu instalation in their systems. I mean, I can live without it (and pass the course), but the computer should be able to have Ubuntu in a dual boot.


So, if anyone has an idea of what this problem was (sorry for the lack of data on the error, I was young and naïve) and how to fix it please tell me.

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Re: Y510p - Dual boot crashes windows



Did you disable fast startup in the windows installations?


Win 8.x and 10 shutdown is more like hibernation and leaves filesystem state cached.  If you toggle operating systems in that state - particularly if you access the other OS's files - you risk corruption.


It's important to do a full shutdown from either OS before switching.


This is just a WAG of  course.  I don't think it would explain the PXE boot fall-back.  That's more like a BIOS or main driver error.



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y510p - Dual boot crashes windows

Yeah, i was cautious of always of that. If i wanted to use Ubuntu, I shutdown windows with WIN + X menu. That made a full shutdown and I could access my files in Ubuntu safely.


Sadly, that doesn't help with the error, as you said. I have been thinking of buying an HDD Ultrabay tray thing in Ebay and installing Ubuntu there. Swapping between DVD-R and the HDD depending on what OS I wanted to use. ¿Would that help?

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