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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎04-24-2014
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Y510p No Video HDMI Output

Hi guys,


Last Sunday I reconnected my laptop to my Samsung tv through HDMI like I have done dozens of times before but this time around the tv just kept telling me that there was no signal coming through the connection but Windows recognized that the tv was there and I could use the desktop space but nothing would ever be displayed. I disconnected the tv, and reconnected it but this time a signal did come through and the tv displayed that it was getting a 1920x1080 picture @60Hz like it normally does and my desktop started to display but it was severely distorted and cut out after a second and went back to no signal. I did that a few more times (disconnect then reconnect) and I got the same results with the only difference being that sometimes the top of the desktop wallpaper would appear just above the bottom of the screen. I tested the cord and tv with another laptop which worked perfectly fine so I know niether of those are the problem. Since my machine is dual-booting Windows 7 & 8, I tried to get it working with both which didn't happen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers so many times that Windows 7 is doing some trippy things with the application windows (but I think I know why its doing that) so now I have to use Windows 8 until I get 7 running properly. My troubleshooting skills are telling me its hardware based, but I have no idea how that can be since I had used it perfectly fine the previous night and the only reason why the cord was disconnected was so I could use it for my parents tv at their house. I'm at my wits end and this laptop is still under warranty but I would hate to be without it for a few weeks if I have to send it in to get repaired. 


To be more specific about the drivers I messed with, it was the Intel HD Graphics 4600 driver for both Windows 7 & 8 (I made sure that the correct driver version was being placed with the right OS) and the NVIDIA GeForce driver.


Any help would greatly appreciated!

-Will B. 

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