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Y510p black screen, no logo



My Y510p is relatively new, I got it in November 2013. Since yesterday, as I power it on, I get a black screen, and booting doesn't even get to the lenovo logo. I've tried all suggested combinations (plugged in no battery, unplugged with battery, with both), but with no success. To be precise, I tried around 40 times, and I succeeded once (unplugged, no battery, powering up by OKR), and after that it worked fine for a while.


Since then, I have turned the machine off, and now I have the same problem. Of course I'm trying all possibilities again (the previously successful one included) but to no avail. I cannot even get to the BIOS as nothing appears on screen.


Also, the power button is not broken, as I can hear the machine powering up, and I can even switch the keyboard lighting on and off with fn+space.


If I could manage to power it up, I would try disabling ExpressCache, but currently I'm not even getting half that far. It's really frustrating. I would really appreciate any help!




(I've also tried unplugging laptop and pressing power for 30 seconds, one key recovery etc., nothing I've read so far seems to work...)

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