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Blue Screen Again
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Y510p boots everything slowly

Hello all and thanks in advance,

I am at work right now but will give more info when I can, and forgive me if I put this in the wrong area of the forum. My Y510 is the top model with 16gb of memory, 1tb HDD + 24gb SSD and dual NVidia GT 755m SLI config.


PROBLEM: My hardware seems to be slowing down dramatically. I’ve tried the typical startup repair and refresh from an installation media USB stick, and even the USB media takes forever to load and then hangs from screen to screen. The PC is about 2 years old and the only REAL modification I’ve done to it is flash a modded BIOS (hardware whitelist removed). The PC has been running strong up until a few months ago. It is normally used for school and hasn’t had any really heavy workloads in a while. I barely game on it and haven’t done so in more than 6 months. I haven’t been able to boot into my desktop for a couple of days. It takes hours sometimes.



  1. Automatic startup repair: FAIL
  2. Refresh Windows 10 installation while keeping files: FAIL
  3. Ran CHKDSK with no negative results. No bad sectors or fragmentation
  4. Bootrec.exe /fixboot /fixMBR /scanos: SUCCESS. RebuildBCD: FAIL (finds the installation, type y for yes, then can’t locate it) SFC ScanNow: FAIL (can’t remember exact message)
  5. Removed SSD cache drive: Made it worse (I read this on another post and some people have had success with it but not I)
  6. Reset BIOS to default: Nothing
  7. Reseated memory sticks: No result
  8. Completed a 6 pack of IPAs: SUCCESS


So I am at a loss right now. Sounds indicative of a memory issue, right? I don’t know whether to get more sticks or more beer..

Thanks again in advance

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