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Paper Tape
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Y510p issues

Most of the time while I use my y510p it makes this faint beeping noise every few seconds and it drives me insane. It started a few weeks ago and hasnt stopped. I dont know what caused it because this is a relatively new machine that I got in march and I havent dropped in or spilled anything on it. Do I need to send this in and get a new one or is there something that I can do to fix this? Any information on this problem would be a great help thank you.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y510p issues

I'm not familiar with this machine.  But I would check in the bios to see if there is a HW Monitor warning beep.  Maybe the warning is set too low, or the machine is running hot.  Next I would check for unknown software.  Maybe you've an evil service sent to annoy you.

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Re: Y510p issues

When does this beeping noise happen? Is it while gaming or doing graphics intensive tasks?


have you setup your computer to beep if it goes beyond a set temperature in NVidia software?


Is everything else running fine and you are only getting a beep sound?

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