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Y510p randomly shutdown. Stopped charging. Details inside.

I'm currently posting this from my phone so forgive me for any typos. I was playing a session of Overwatch when suddenly my laptop just shutdown. I then caught a whiff of a burning smell and couldn't detect if it was coming off the laptop.


I was still able to start the laptop back up, but I noticed that the battery was draining despite having the AC adapter plugged in. It detected the AC adapter even, as it was in high performance mode...


I just figured that the AC adapter was fried as despite being plugged in for a while after, it never got warm. So I went on amazon and ordered a replacement adapter. It's a 45N0112 adapter, an official Lenovo one. Tried to plug it in as of now, and I get nothing. 


Battery led doesn't even blink. Tried the drain thing and it doesn't work. Removed the battery and tried to see if it would work of AC alone and I got nothing as well. 


The odd thing is that when I plug in the old adapter, the led for the battery blinks but it hardly provides charge. I can still start up my laptop with what little charge is left so I'm safe to assume it's not a motherboard issue?


What the heck is really going on? I saw all over that a 45N0112 adapter works for y510p as well, and the adapter I bought on amazon was from Lenovo for the y510p itself. Could it be I got a faulty adapter or is my motherboards input voltage gone to whack?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've never had any problems with this laptop, but this is infuriating me.

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Re: Y510p randomly shutdown. Stopped charging. Details inside.

I think it could be the port on the motherboard where the charger connects. I have seen people here who have easily replaced that part ( If I find the post I will provide a link).


Have you tried connecting to a different wall outlet?

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