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Y530 Sleep/booting/bluetooth Mystery Issues

When I got my Y530, the first thing I did was replace the hard drive with a brand new 320GB 7200rpm WD Caviar Black.  I reinstalled the OS (Vista Home Premium x86), and everything was fine.  Until I put it to sleep.


It would not come out of sleep right.  It would freeze at the desktop. When I restarted, it would just stay at the loading screen (green progress bar) forever and never go past that. The HDD light on the laptop was blinking rhythmically every second or so. I would have to hard restart the laptop, and once I did get into Windows.  My bluetooth would not show up when I hit the FN+F5 hotkey.  I would have to do a restart show it to show back up.

I figured it was the fact that I did not install the energy management driver/utility, but this is not the case.  After getting every newest driver/utility for every device, I got the same results.


I have since reinstalled multiple OS's, including XP, Vista Home Premium x64, and Windows 7 beta x64.  The same thing happens in EVERY operating system.

I thought maybe my hard drive was just flaky.  Nope, not that either.  It passes every diagnostic test I throw at it, and every HDD info tool shows no problems with it whatsoever.

So, I believe I've exhausted all possible things to try, so I dunno what the deal is.  Any help guys??

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What's DOS?
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Re: Y530 Sleep/booting/bluetooth Mystery Issues

I have the same issues whit my WD Scorpio Black. any help would be greatly appreciated

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