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Y530 Vista to Win7 Questions.


I have an Ideapad Y530 running the factory installed Vista 32 Home Premium that I want to upgrade with my own copy of Win7 Home Premium (not from Lenovo).  I've read through a lot of information at the the Community Forum and the Lenovo site. I downloaded the Ideapad upgrade guide from  The guide gives very simplified instructions and references a site for more info at  Clicking the "Upgrade Instructions" button there takes me to  This page has no documentation for Ideapads but the documentation for Thinkpads & Value Line has instructions on removing many applications (i.e. - Intel Proset for WiFi).  So I'm pretty confused at this point and have questions I hope I can get answered here.

Upgrade Questions:
1) It doesn't seem like the Thinkvantage tool supports Ideapads.  What is the best way to update my Lenovo drivers & custom applications?
2) Should I update my Vista drivers before upgrading to Win7, then update again to the Win7 drivers?
3) Do I in fact have to uninstall specific applications from my Ideapad in order to successfully upgrade to Win7?

Clean Install Questions:
1)  How can I do a clean install when my original Vista image is in my One Touch Recovery (DSmiley Happy drive?
2)  How do I recover my custom Lenovo drivers and custom Lenovo applications (ReadyCom, Easy Capture, etc.)?

General Questions:
1) What is the Lenovo "Enhanced Experience" and is it only available via a Lenovo provided version of Win7?
2) Is there anything critical I forgot to ask in the 2 lists above?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / Happy Holidays

~  PKW  8-)

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Re: Y530 Vista to Win7 Questions.


when i need to upgrade an operation system to other, i have never used that, i prefered to use clean install.

-98 to xp, xp to vista, vista to win7 -


1 - drivers can be found at :

2 - no need to update vista drivers.

3-  you dont have to. - you may need to re- install all of them -



1- put the origin dvd into driver and start to install.

2- drivers can be found at :



1-  i haven't heard of anything about it, dunno.

2-  search the web "how to install windows7", lots of videos are available, too and don't forget to backup your data


if you forget to ask anything, we'll know if you really do when installing windows Smiley Happy

btw, do you know anything about installing drivers?

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