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Y530 Wifi Internet drops out and can't reconnect!

Every time I use my Y530 for a few hours the Wifi internet connection drops out and the whole systems slows down to a crawl.  Although I am still connected to my router I can no longer connect to the internet.  When i disconnect and reconnect, or use the hardware wireless switch to turn the wireless off and I, then the system can't locate ANY wireless networks.  The only way to get connected is to shutdown and restart the machine.  I have tired removing Readycomm and that did not help.  BTW, I'm using Vista.  At this point I'm frustrated enough to get rid of the machine.  Anyone find a fix to this frustrating problem?  Thanks for any suggestions.
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Re: Y530 Wifi Internet drops out and can't reconnect!

Maybe latest drivers fom Intel can help? Try searching Intel website.
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Re: Y530 Wifi Internet drops out and can't reconnect!

I also have a Y530, running Vista and am running into the same issue.  Unless you are practically right next to the Access point it is terrible.  I have a Lenovo T60 for work which connects fine (also running Vista).  I've searched around for a possible solution but the only conclusion I can come to is the internal wireless in the laptop is terrible, may want to try an external USB antenna (may help although I know this is not what most people want to do) or move your access point to a closer location.  I've opted for the latter and it seems to work, except now the laptop is only good downstairs.
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Re: Y530 Wifi Internet drops out and can't reconnect!

I am having similar problems with my Y530 that I just purchased 2 days ago.  I had internet connectivity problems.  The internet will work for long stretches of time, but then it will drop and the repair function cannot automatically repair the problem most of the time.  Occasionally Windows will not be able to detect any network at all.  I have other computers running on XP that connect to the home network without any problem.  Distance or obstruction is not a problem.


I generally get this message after running Windows Diagnosis:


"Cannot Communicate with Primary DNS Server ( 

Networking Diagnostics pinged the remote host but did not receive a response."


Am running Windows Vista 64-bit system, with an Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100 Network Adapter.  


Here is what I have done so far to try to resolve the problem:


1. Uninstalled ReadyComm - this helped, but the problem still exists less frequently.  I have to reset the computer to reestablish a connection.

2. Turned down the roaming aggressiveness to 1 (low).

3. Turned off the TCP Window Scaling.

4. Reset TCP/IP Stack and Winsock to installation defaults.

5. Updated the network adapter drivers. 


I am working with an old Linksys router (approx. 6 years old), so might this be the problem?  However, when I try to directly plug in with the ethernet cable, I have similar problems as well.   And the other computers connect to the router fine.


Here is what my ipconfig says for my wireless network adapter:


Connection-specific DNA Suffix .:

Description: Intel<R> Wireless WiFi Link 5100

Physical Address: 00-21-6B-DA-D2

DHCP Enabled: Yes

Autoconfiguration Enabled: Yes

Link-local IPv6 Address: fe80::208b:ac62:7fc1:fdce%13<Preferred>

IPv4 Address:<Preferred>

Subnet Mask:

Lease Obtained: Friday April 24, 2009 2:17:56 AM

Lease Expires: Saturday, April 25, 2009 2:17:56 AM

Default Gateway:

DHCP Server:

DNS Servers:

NetBIOS over Tcpip: Enabled 


May resort to buying a new router, but perhaps it isn't the problem?  Any help or advice is appreciated!  Thank you.  

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Re: Y530 Wifi Internet drops out and can't reconnect!

I was told by Lenovo support to uninstall ReadyComm. I had already done that before calling them. I keep slowing down and then losing connection. I think the best solution is to return this poor excuse of a laptop & get a HP or Compaq. I have 2 laptops & 1 desktop by HP. Two have Vista & do not have any problems at all.

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