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Y530 keyboard change

Hi. I must write this post because in all internet i cant find a solution how to disassembly keyboard in this model. If anyone can tell me some steps to do this ?


My keyboard is not-sensitive ( that some people have with this keyboard )  this is a very big problem but the lenovo service in Poland didn't see any mistakes. I sent my Y530 two times  and they do nothing so i decide to do it myself.


So , please help me Smiley Happy

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Re: Y530 keyboard change

Paper Tape
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Re: Y530 keyboard change

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I just found this yesterday and changed out the keyboard successfully:


It is for Y510 keyboard replacement, but the keyboards are exactly the same and there are no screws for Y530 to take out. You just need to carefully pop open the touchscreen panel (between the power button and the orange button volume control). There's a notch between F2 and F3 to start. I used a credit card and small flat head screwdriver to gently snap out the panel. So there are three snaps total: near the power button, near the volume control, and in the middle (around F5 key). That is the trickiest part.


Then, I just pop open the keyboard. There are snaps to hold down the keyboard and the snaps pop that are located at the sides seemed to have come off. It doesn't matter to me because when I placed the new one back, it holds down nicely when I put the touch panel back on.

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Re: Y530 keyboard change

Just successfully replaced the Lenovo keyboard for an Y530 Ideapad.  


There are no screws to replace the keyboard.  

1 - Power down the laptop,  Unplug the laptop from the power source.  Remove the battery on the bottom of the laptop.

2 - Open the laptop.   At the top, above the keyboard, the area between the power button and orange volume button needs to come off.   Be very careful.   Put a small screwdriver between F2 and F3 keys inserted under the edge of the shiny plastic strip.  Slowly pull up the strip moving the screwdriver to the right under the edge to pull strip up.

3 - Careful that you do not pull off the white ribbon cables for the volume.

4 - Once the shiny plastic strip is loose, pull up the connector on left under the strip.   There are 2 similar clips on  the right side.  Pull up slowly.

5 - Pull the keyboard up toward the display to free the keyboard.

6 - The black ribbon cable for the keyboard is closest to the touchpad/mouse.   Use the small screwdriver to pry the little white connector on the left and right side of ribbon connector toward the display.  The ribbon cable will now pull out so you can remove the keyboard.

7 - Insert the black ribbon cable on new keyboard in the slot.  Hold the ribbon cable in position while you push the white connectors on left and right side of ribbon cable connector.

8 - Push tabs on bottom of keyboard in place and push the top of keyboard down pushing the tabs on top in place.

9 - Re-install the shiny 3" strip.  Push the top in place.  Starting on the right side slowly push the bottom of the unit until it snaps in place.


Hope this helps!


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Re: Y530 keyboard change

Thanks for sharing that! Sometimes you just have to dive in to figure it out!

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