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Y550 Webcam stopped working

by Lenovo Staff on ‎03-05-2012 08:10 PM (2,760 Views)


I have a Y550. My daughter did something and my keyboard quit working so I did a system restore. I tried to use Skype today and an error message pops up to tell me that I do not have a webcam installed on my laptop. How do I get my webcam back up and working?


Some files required for the webcam to work could have been deleted accidentally, or your drivers could be outdated.


The webcam could also have been accidentally deactivated.


Solution 1:


Check if you have YouCam installed and uninstall the program, then reinstall.


Restart your system.


Solution 2: 


If you have created a back-up of your system and files, you can update the drivers and BIOS. If the problem persists, perform OneKeyRecovery to return to initial settings.


Solution 3:

Check that your camera has been activated. Press Fn + Esc to check if this has been done. 

Useful links:

1. Drivers for the Y550.
2. Update for camera driver.
3. Easy Cam update 

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Paper Tape

NONE of the link is working, and lot of people are having the same issues with the camera on y550. I will NEVER buy other Lenovo products again! I have to used external webcam to talk to my family. Lenovo they don't care any longer since they sold to Chinese company.