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Y550 motherboard replacement-Advice? Videos?

Hi there,

I'm new to these boards, but I was wondering if anyone can help me out.

I have a Y550 with the gm130 video and core2 and all that jazz(shouldnt matter too much) and a few months ago my girlfriend hastily ended up dropping it from over 6 feet in the air. First thing I noticed was the battery started to basically only work for 10 minutes or less on a charge, secondly-the PC was shutting down or randomly dropping power all the time. Couldnt figure anything in the world out, other than that the board is probably done for.(sadly).

SO. I ordered a new board and I am hoping replacing the whole dang thing will fix the issue and get everything back in working order, as I do really like this laptop. Does anyone know of a manual or video or SOMETHING that would be helpful in replacing the board? What needs to be pulled(probably everything right?) or whatever. I know I can probably do it and it will be fine, but I do like to see how other techs take off clips and whatnot, just so I know how much stress I should or shouldnt be putting on things...

anyways, sorry for the long post, my replies will be more to-the-point.


Also, anyone know why the battery would do this? Would that physical stress really make it eat crap like that? Should I probably just get a new one?(grrr)


Thanks in advance, anything would be helpful.

PS-Can you replace the keyboard on this model with one that has a backlight? that would be my dream for this thing.


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Re: Y550 motherboard replacement-Advice? Videos?

there's no hardware maintenance manual for y550, but you can take a look at y560 hmm.

about battery, make sure your computer works fine first.

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