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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y550P Blue Screen problems

I m having the same problem


FIRSTLY  now when u get BSOD .. u can actually see the BSOD for 2 to 3 seconds ... (till it dumps the memory )

 IT IS NOT RAM ERROR .. u can actually get better details in that BSOD firstly .. rather than the screen that appears after the comp restarts and windows loads.. Within that 2 seconds see the error ... It ll be written like Video Adapter. .. or Disk Error etc... u have to be  fast enough to scan the screen n find out


SECONDLY  i had 2 errors .. Finally i managed to find out that my hard disk icon was continuously glowing ... I found DISKEEPER software that comes preinstalled with Y550P to be causing this ... Diskeeper automatically defragments the hard disk so that it is efficient .. On the other hand always defragments the drive .. so it causes the hard drive to weaken it a lot .. !! The hard disk continuously processes and i found that was causing BSOD .. UNINSTALL THE SOFTWARE


It temporarily prevented BSOD for some time


THIRDLY i got 2nd BSOD ... I found the words Video Adapter in that BSOD screen that appeared for approx 2 seconds .. I went to  Nvidia website ., found new video drivers .. Well the solution to BSOD must be either reinstalling OS freshly (NOT RESTORE) ! and installing all adapters manually

OR (wat i did) go update the video adapter . ! I did that and surprisingly the BSOD stopped.


This was my experience with BSOD .. i m just sharing it .. as u can also do these. and who knows ur BSOD might also Stop ..

What's DOS?
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Re: Y550P Blue Screen problems

Hey everyone,


I used to have the same problem with my lenovo, and went through so much pain and misery looking through all these forums with people giving jargon and numbers that meant nothing to me.


But I fixed it.


Just go to the intel downloads website and update your intel internet wireless driver, and the BSOD will be a thing of the past.


Hope you have the same results as I did.

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