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Y550P - Bluetooth connection drops



My Bluetooth devices are dropping for minutes at a time at what seems to be random times.


I will connect my mouse and it works fine for 10-20 minutes and then it just stops working. It still shows it as being connected but it does not work. I turn the wireless switch off and back on and it will reconnect and work again. I tried installing the software for the mouse and it recognizes the mouse but doesn't help with the connection problem at all. No physical changes are apparent on the screen when it cuts out, and it happens when using different programs and at different time frames.


Y550P w/ Windows 7 64-bit

Model #:3241


If the device drops periodically, it could be caused by the system shutting down bluetooth as a power saving feature.


Try the following solution :


  1. Go to device manager (under my computer)
  2. Open 'Bluetooth radios' 
  3. Right click on 'bluetooth module' NOT enumerator
  4. Select 'properties'
  5. Go to 'power management' tab
  6. Uncheck the 'allow computer to shut device off to save power' box.



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