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 My Y550p would completely freeze randomly with no BSOD at all while using it. My mouse wouldn't move and if there's any sound at the moment, it would stutter. To solve the problem, I would have to force shutdown and restart the computer.


I have been trying to find the root of the problem to no success at all. I've had this problem long enough to estimate that these occur about every 12 hours, but not always so. At first I thought it was the incompatibility of the 64 bit software and drivers since I am using Windows 7 64 bit, but when I reinstall the 32 bit version, the same thing happens, so I have weed that out as the main cause of the problem. I have also checked the DIVX video codec (only available in 32 bit) and I don't think that's the problem either. I have also checked the Event Viewer, and still no hints given there.  



Lenovo Ideapad Y550p

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit


Intel Core i7-720QM




If the systems persist after updating the BIOS and all drivers, it is possible that the HDD is defective, although conventional wisdom would initially point to memory or system board. 


 Lenovo has evaluated several systems from users reporting these symptoms, and while randomly occuring, were not reproducable after replacing the HDD.  While Lenovo engineers will continue to investigate as additional information becomes available, the solution below is recommended as the most likely based on what is known at this time.


If your system has exhibited any of the symptoms mentioned above, download and run PC Doctor’s hard disk drive test using any of the links provided below.  For instructions on how to use this testing software, refer to sections “Instructions” and “Testing HDD Using PC Doctor”; these instructions are provided below.


NOTE: Please, keep in mind that most of the symptoms provided above do not necessarily imply your system has a hard disk drive (HDD) problem.  Some of these symptoms can be caused by other circumstances, such as viruses, spyware, adware, software incompatibility, drivers, etc.  If your system is still under warranty, Lenovo support can use PC Doctor testing results to help you determine the best course of action to address the problems affecting your system.


PC Doctor Software options

  1. Bootable media creator – Download mediacreator_xxxx.xx.exe to create a bootable USB key or CD/DVD loaded with PC Doctor.
  1. Windows-based test – Download hddquicktest_setup_x.x.xxxxxx.exe to run PC Doctor within Windows.



All instructions needed to create a bootable media, install Windows-based software and run the different HDD tests, can be obtained using the link below.  This webpage also has links to PC Doctor (same as above).  After accessing the webpage, please scroll down toward the end of the page for instructions using PC Doctor.


Testing HDD using PC Doctor

Either version of PC Doctor (bootable media or Windows-based) provided on this document will allow users to run a Quick or Full HDD Test.  We advise customers to run the Quick Test first and move to the Full Test if no failure is reported by the Quick Test.


NOTE: If PC Doctor reports a test failure, make sure to keep record of the failed tests.  If your system is still under warranty, this record will help you through the troubleshooting and warranty claim process when contacting Lenovo Support.

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I saw this post and wanted to ask something. I just bought a new Lenovo b50 30 and installed Windows 7 64b .The first day it was all fine,and the 2nd it started freezing,while typing something,or while watching videos,online and offline . I checked all the cd players,i installed a different windows copy ,but it still wont work properly ..Any ideas?