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Re: high temperatures ideapad y560 i7

''enovo support said it is ok as long as the thermal protection does not kick in and cut power''


oh that bad... couse i forgot to say  that several days ago, while in game, without any warning, the laptop shut down and wouldnt restart untill several minutes passed (probably after it cooled down). Actually thats why i started to monitor the temps and noticed they are sky high...

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Re: high temperatures ideapad y560 i7

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Ok , I got my cooling pad today and it does help.In AC:Brotherhood I got 76 °C on core 1 and 73 on core 2, 69°C GPU and RAM DIMM's at 18 °C.that is almost 20 degrees lower than the highest I have seen , a whooping 94°C on a core.The model is this one (hope its ok to post it here) , it fits the laptop great.There might be better alternatives , but this one seems do get the job done.

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Re: high temperatures ideapad y560 i7

I am sure the cooling pad helps, but its a band-aid fix for something that should work correctly out of the box. After fixing my computer I can use it to run a cpu intensive game directly on my lap with the air vents partially blocked. I used to have to prop the laptop up on something and even then I could only play for a little while. 



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Re: high temperatures ideapad y560 i7

The temperatures you mentioned are perfectly fine for any notebook with core i i3/i5/i7 series and dedicated GPU. And this is not valid for Lenovo only, i have owned Dell XPS1645 and HP DV6t Quad, they all get similar temperatures under gaming. 


The temperatures are internal temperatures, you should feel around 4x in the base, and hot air flowing out of the heat sink.



Serial Port
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Re: high temperatures ideapad y560 i7

i dont know how normal it is when the emergency system (or whatever) is triggered and the laptop shuts its self down.

happened twice today. cant imagine the temps it reaches at that point.

Punch Card
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Re: high temperatures ideapad y560 i7

If it shuts down, then there is a problem and the temerature is 100C or above when it shuts down.


In that case you have two options:

Send it for service.

Do It Yourself application of a thermal paste (Arctic Silver 5) and check for the fan.



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Re: high temperatures ideapad y560 i7

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MrGlister , oh my gosh, 2 times dead gpu? you really have a bad luck with lenovo..
my temps are pretty 'ok' for a laptop with this cooling system, only GTA pushes it a bit further, 5-10 c more then for an example call of duty or need for speed,

I have opened my laptop and cooling system is pretty rubish, one went for cpu and gpu, it should be two wents and two grills separated and both blowing to back , or one to left side and one to back, but this isnt pure gaming machine so i kinda undersand, this is more a multimedia computer with some characteristics of gaming machine, but they advertise it as gaming.

once again, cooling sistem on y560 is pretty rubish developed and i hope other generations will do it batter or im going for asus g73 or something like that Smiley Tongue 
edit: LOL @ Gurus question about graphic card!
What kind of guru are you if u dont know that intel i7 720qm doesnt have integrated graphic card and that model of lenovo comes with descrete gpu only. 

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Y560, overheating, upto 90C+, and crashing, while gaming.

Hi, My notebooks in the sig, its a Y560 with an i7 720QM, and ATI 5730.


The first game I played was Half Life 2 and Episod 1 and 2. My notebook used to get reeeealy hot.... and eventually hang, the sound would get stuck and repeat, screen would go blank, I had to reboot.


Then I bought an average quality cooling pad with a big central fan and that helped, I placed the fan under the left side of the laptop which got hot, and it stopped crashing but it was still quite hot to the touch near the vents. This was 2 months ago.


Now I recently bought Counter Strike Source on steam, and the crashes are back, only this time the cooler doesnt help. I get temps as high as 90++, this is when my laptop crashes, and twice I think its gone higher to reach the motherboard kill switch limit, which im guessing is 100 or 105, where my laptop just turned off.


What I did realise is if I alt+tab I can immediately notice a decrease in temps... so what I now end up doing is, alt+tab whenever I die and am waiting for the round to get over, and watch temps drop down till 70, then go back ingame, play, and keep alt+tabbing and watch temps go down a few degrees. This has greatly decreased the crashes, but it still happens when I dont alt+tab and continue ingame for a long time, for example 30minutes+, yea 30 minutes ++ and I'm at 80C+..

My ambient room temp is about 30C+, summers in India and its hot, and my Idle temps are around 60C.


My VGA card is fine, doesnt go past 70C, its my CPU thats heating up. When Im rebooting I can feel the heat on my power button while im pressing it for the 5 seconds.


I just flashed to the new Bios and installed a new Intel Chipset driver from lenovo's site, but that doesnt help much either.


Need some help please.





Lenovo Y560, i7 720QM
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Re: Y560, overheating, upto 90C+, and crashing, while gaming.

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I need some more information from your side before I can suggest anything,I tried to replicate your situation on my Y560(with the same CPU you mentioned) but not with counterstrike, but another equally resource demanding game.I am  using two open browsers,Nokia's OVI suite and a tweetdeck app. I am also running some bollywood numbers on WMP and here is how my temperature looks like 



link to image

Do you mean to say that you get this temperature's only during a particular time or does it happen all the time?I understand the tropical conditions under which you are living in,so would like to know if this is a time specific issue or not. 


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Re: Y560, overheating, upto 90C+, and crashing, while gaming.



Is the fan running properly in the laptop?   How is the airflow coming out the vents on the left side?  If not much air is coming out, it is possible that the heatsink could be clogged with dust and lint depending on how old the laptop is. 


If the system is under warranty, then I would suggest contacting service.


If the system is no longer under warranty and you are confident to work on it yourself, then I would suggest:


1) With the laptop off, use a can of compressed air and blow into the vents on the left side of the system to dislodge dust there.  If it is really dusty, and you feel confident working on the system, then turn it over and remove the access cover that is under what would be the left side of the machine when viewed from the top.  Be sure to remove the battery and unplug the system first.  With the cover removed, locate the fan and the fan power connector.  Unplug the fan carefully.  Remove the 3 screws that hold the fan in - be careful not to lose the screws.  Remove the fan.  Inspect the heat sink radiator along the side of the system that the fan was mounted against.  Use canned air to blow away any dust and lint there.  Blow out the fan thoroughly.   Re-install the fan and reconnect the fan power connector and re-install the cover.  If there was a lot of dust, this will probably solve your problem.  If not, consider ...


2) Re-apply fresh thermal paste to CPU & GPU.  Get a tube of "artic silver".

With the bottom cover off, and the fan removed, remove the 4 screws that hold the heatsink to the CPU and the 2 screws that hold it to the GPU.  Carefully lift off the heatsink assembly.  Use a paper towel to remove the dried heat sink thermal compound from both the CPU & GPU and from the bottom of the heatsink in both places.  Use rubbing alcohol if needed for complete clean up (apply the alcohol to the paper towel and wipe)


After all surfaces are clean and dry apply a blob of artic silver to the top to the center of both CPU & GPU about the size of a small pea - 4mm or so.  Carefully reinstall the heatsink, fitting it carefully into place and making sure you do not bend the heat pipes.   Reinstall and hand tighten the screws - do not strip them .  Reinstall the fan and bottom cover, reattach the battery and AC.


Start up the laptop and re-run the tests.  Temps should probably run in the 70s and low to mid 80's C under heavy gaming or GPU testing programs like Furmark.


Hope this helps you out!


Best regards,



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