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Re: Y560, overheating, upto 90C+, and crashing, while gaming.

spoke too soon. it gets up to 86C now after some game play. It's still 5-7C diff from old max temp so at least it is better, and isn't over-heating. 

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Re: Y560, overheating, upto 90C+, and crashing, while gaming.

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First Gen i7's processors run hot there's nothing you can do about it, last summer I had one and on many days you could barely stand using the machine because of the heat that came off it, even though the laptop worked perfectly fine at high temperatures. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Y560, overheating, upto 90C+, and crashing, while gaming.

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So my ideapad has been having the same issues where I cannot play lower quality games such as world of warcraft, dota2, and team fortress 2 as my laptop would just shut off after getting really hot. As I found that my warranty had lapsed, (i contacted lenovo when the warranty was valid, they said my warranty was extended for another year, but when i called again they told me that was untrue and told me my warranty wasn't valid anymore because it was a month after from the original warranty end date!!!)


So frantic, I looked up this post and followed the instructions to clean the fan and thermal heatsink. Before I cleaned the fan, I ran the furmark gpu test and it ran up to 5 minutes, but at the 5 minute mark the temp rose over 100 degrees celcius and the laptop shut off. So as instructed, I opened up the bottom panel and there was a bit of dust around the thermal heatsink and fan. I do not think it was clogged, but there was some heavy dust clumps. After cleaning, I ran the furmark test again, and I am now getting temps ranging from 79 degrees to 81 degrees (see photo),


Link to picture


So i was happy to see that my laptop did not crash even after 30 minutes and it still maintained a stable temp i guess.


But is 80 degrees too high of a temperature???





I am not a technician or anything, and i would rather not, but if 80 degrees is too high may be I should consider reapplying the thermal paste. Please your advices are greatly appreciated.





After the ordeal with lenovo warranty service. I have decided never to purchase a lenovo again. This has just been a bad experience altogether, and I hope lenovo can provide better reliable and trusthworthy products and Customer Service in the future. I am truly sorry, but after having bad experiences with 2 (not 1) laptops in the past 3 years, and having spent over 2 grand on the 2; lenovo has just lost another customer for life.


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Re: Y560, overheating, upto 90C+, and crashing, while gaming.

heck my previous Toshiba Satellite L750 used to idle at 75C and 95 C at max load even though it was 1 week old so I took it back and bought the Lenovo Y570 which goes upto 80C at max and 60-65 idle which is way better than my previous Toshiba

i7s were designed to take heat upto 100C then they shut down but if you are running below 100C even though you feel it's hot it's fine they were designed to work in these extreme conditions

Applying thermal paste is key! Take it to a technician and let him do that for you
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