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Y560 - Custom Program settings keeps popping up.

by ‎04-04-2011 10:56 PM - edited ‎08-24-2011 06:51 PM (5,917 Views)


When typing the following keys


M / N / J / U


A window will pop up randomly appear which is  "Lenovo Custom Program Settings" (Screenshot below)




Try the step provided below.


  1. Uninstall Guard ID software. KnowledgeBase article here
  2. If issue persist, plug in an external keyboard and type on the external keyboard, test and see if the "Lenovo Custom Program Settings " will appear if keys M or N or J or U is entered.
  3. If there is no issue when using external keyboard, do contact service to get the laptop checked.

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What's DOS?


I've purchased my Lenovo Y560 laptop back in late Nov. 2010. I have enjoyed it since then until my recent experience. Due to some display driver issue, which I
thought, installing a BIOS update (from will fix it, and it didn't, it seems that installation of that BIOS update has reset a flag or something and now I am getting
the most annoying problem on technology world, which is hot key changes and pop-up of "custom program settings", which I don't care about, and I don't use.
I searched Google and there are many people suffering from it, and apparently there is no solution for it. They say they have restored their laptops few times but this problem still persists.
I brought my laptop back to Fry's, the vendor that I purchased my laptop there, and they only ran a hardware test which passed and they said there is no
software warranty covered. Also, no one in their service section had the knowledge to know how to reset this annoying issue.
Worse, I couldn't reproduce this when I brought my laptop to Fry's, but this problem again started happening last night and even now when I was typing this, this
problem happened like 50 times. Each stroke of m, n, h, u, j, etc. changes the keyboard focus, minimizes my windows, closes my windows, resets my speaker settings, and
it relocates cursor to other lines. It happens in all environments, text editor, yahoo messenger, yahoo email, IE, FF, chats, anywhere you name it.
This is stupidest and most annoying problem I've seen and there is no solution for it in control panel, worse there is no way to disable this. There should be a flag somewhere to
disable this.
Worse, there is no solution.

By the way, this page is the only page on web that I could find which has a solution. I looked for Guard ID software both through msconfig.exe and through
Control Panel but couldn't find such a thing. I'm not sure how official and how reliable your solution is.
So now that I couldn't find Guard ID, should I go ahead with OKR or not?

Please advise.

Mahdad Zarafshan

P.S. I am a software engineer myself so I know this is a software issue most probably.