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Paper Tape
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Y560 - Where can I get recovery media?

I had upgraded a Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 from Windows 7 to 8.1 and was in the middle of a Windows 8.1 factory reset when an error occurred. The laptop no longer boots into Windows and I am not able to access any of the recovery tools on this Y560.


If I try to order a set of recovery media online from this page:

I get an error:


How can I get Windows 7 (or any Windows) running on this laptop again? Where can I order recovery media from? How much is it?



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Re: Y560 - Where can I get recovery media?

Good day and welcome to the community.


Sorry you're having difficulty with the Support site.

The page you linked loaded successfully for me just a moment ago.

Here is the section regarding obtaining Recovery media:


A. How can I get the recovery media CD/ DVD ?

Method 1: Download the files to create a recovery disk

This options is only available with selective machines that was manufactured with factory downgraded system. Please follow link on the document to check if your device is eligible and follow the instructions on how to download files to recover to factory default

Lenovo Digital Download Recovery Service (DDRS)

Note: If you machines is no eliglbe for files to be downloaded please follow step B

Method 2: Request for a CD or DVD

EMEA region please visit this online portal to place a request

Other regions contact the support center


Unless your machine came with Downgrade Rights (requires a Windows Pro license), you can't use Method 1, and Method 2 doesn't apply to the US.


I believe that in your case, you'll need to contact Support (info below) to discuss. If media is available, they'll confirm machine and serial numbers to determine which version is applicable, and there may be a cost involved.


Hope this helps clarify.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Y560 - Where can I get recovery media?

Okay thanks, I'll give customer support a call.

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