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Re: Y560 | WiFi driver problem

for activation call microsoft.

if you couldn't install drivers for wireless, you can try to install manual installation.


after you locate the .inf file for the driver that you want to install, manually install the new driver. to do this, follow these steps:

- click start, right-click computer, and then click the tasks pane, click device manager.
- if you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click continue.
- in device manager, locate the device for which you want to install the driver.

note to display hidden devices, click show hidden devices on the view menu.
- right-click the device, and then click update driver software.
- click browse my computer for driver software, click let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, and then click have disk.

- in the install from disk dialog box, click browse, locate an .inf file for the device driver that you want to install, and then click open.
- follow the steps in the update driver software devicename dialog box to update the driver
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Re: Y560 | WiFi driver problem

This is basically for all that are still Having a problem with the AR9285 Wireless card. I have a Lenovo Y560. I have worked on this for Two days now and I have The fix. I was having issues with it so I uninstalled the card. The problem was when I reloaded the driver it would load a card in device manager as either 1,2,3, or so on. I found out if you turn the laptop over and take the wireless card out you can properly uninstall all drivers after you reboot the machine and then use ccCleaner and delete and uninstall all of the drivers and folders it created from installing it. Then it will install with out a problem when you put the card back in the computer. See if you keep trying to install the card after you uninstall over and over again, you are not seeing every item that it installs unless you go into Safe mode and look in the device manager it will show you several tunneling adapters with those previous 1, 2, and 3 or so on numbers. This is what you don't want. you want to be able for it just to install and not add more and more on top of it. Ounce you do what I am explaining it will basically install by its self. Also make sure you Do not have ready comm5 loaded or if you do you also need to uninstall this also. What will happen if you have it loaded it will assume you will only want to use your card as a ADHOC connection and it will be stuck on the enabled state and will not pick up on your network router or modem what ever you may have. Another interesting fact when you take your card out look at the sticker on it it will say it is a AR5B95 not a AR9285 Funny no where mentions that the AR9285 driver is compatible with this card...unless I am over looking that fact.

I hope this helps some of you
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Re: Y560 | WiFi driver problem

I do not post in fact this is the first. Thank you CodeJunkie after hours of doing everything to get my Y560 WIFI working I found this and it worked. Thank You.


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